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Tear Offs vs. Second Roof Layers

When contemplating a new roof, many people hope to have second layer shingles installed instead of an entire new roof. Why? Second roof layers are cheaper, cleaner, and have a faster installation time. While those are enticing reasons to choose second roof layers, it is not always the smartest decision. Installing a second roof layer is like sweeping dust under the rug or putting a band aid over a deep wound that needs more attention.

When to Make a Roof Insurance Claim

To file a roof insurance claim or not to file a roof insurance claim? That is the question. A roof is the most essential piece of your home. It protects everything you value most. Unfortunately, it also bears the brunt of Mother Nature’s force. When your roof is damaged or shows its age, should you file a roof insurance claim?

Finding a Trustworthy Roofer

One of the biggest obstacles homeowners face is finding a trustworthy roofer, especially when it’s important to act quickly to minimize damage to your home. Although it may be tempting to pick the first contractor that pops up on Google, it is important to know they are reputable. You wouldn’t pick a mechanic for your car using the eeny, meaney, miney, mow method. Why should your roofing contractor be any different? Look for these qualities to make sure your roofer is trustworthy.