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10 Tips for Choosing a Front Door

10 Tips for Choosing a Front Door

Front doors are the first thing a visitor sees when they arrive at your home. A stylish front door can make a statement, and turn an intimidating home into a welcoming one. If your front door is showing signs that it is time to replace your front door, there are a few things to know.

Choosing a front door has two main steps. First, choose a door material and then, choose a style. Here are ten tips that every homeowner should consider when they are picking out a front door. The first five are hints for selecting your new door’s material and the next five will help you choose a style and color.

  1. Steel doors are a cost-effective choice. They often have foam insulation, making them energy-efficient, and generally inexpensive. They hold paint well and usually come in a smooth texture.
  2. The durability of a door depends greatly on the material. Although wood doors are considered the most beautiful, they are sensitive to moisture and sun, which makes them less durable than fiberglass or steel.
  3. Wood doors are the more expensive choice, albeit the most stylish. Their natural look has captivated homeowners for years. You can choose from a great variety of wood types, and stain colors to accent your home beautifully.
  4. Fiberglass doors are a mid-price option that compromise between wood and steel. Fiberglass has high insulation value and offers a variety of textures and styles.
  5. Remember that energy efficiency is one of the primary concerns for door materials. Look for the Energy Star mark for doors that will keep your heating and cooling bills low.
  6. Regardless of how often you use your front door, it is a focal point of your home. It is important to consider how the door will look in context with the rest of your home’s colors and textures.
  7. Your door can stand out from the rest of your house… Your door can be several shades darker than the rest of the exterior or in a completely different color palette to obtain a dramatic effect.
  8. …Or it can blend in. If your house uses mostly neutral colors, and you like an understated look for your exterior, maybe a lighter colored door is the right option for you.
  9. Whether your door blends in or stands out, it must match the style of the house. A wood door might look strange on a modern-looking red brick house, and a brightly-colored metal door would be an eyesore on an earthy home with wood shakes.
  10. Think about which colors work well together, and which don’t. If your house’s color scheme includes gray, blue would be a good option, while if your exterior is brown, red would be an appropriate choice.

Your door should reflect the aesthetic of your home, while also meeting your practical needs. If you pay attention to your budget, your maintenance requirements, and your style preferences, you will strike a balance that will help you pick the perfect front door. At Pro Home Services, we offer options from the wonderful Albany Door Company, as well as patio doors from Alside and Andersen. For more information and a free estimate, call 630-790-0800.





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