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3 Benefits of Hiring a Siding Company This Summer


3 Benefits of Hiring a Siding Company This Summer

With the spring season in full bloom, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the next home maintenance, remodeling services, or project you have for your home this summer. Whether it’s a replacement window or roof repairs, Pro Home Services has the skilled commercial contractors that can help you get the job done and even assist in project planning along the way.

One of our most popular areas as of lately has been our work as a siding company. Everyone always thinks about their roofs, but few consider that siding repairs and replacement can be equally as critical to the overall integrity of a home. As an expert siding company, we don’t take these things for granted and believe you shouldn’t either. Here are three reasons to consider siding replacement/repairs for your home this summer.

  1. Improve Energy Efficiency: While the roof may be responsible for keeping a large amount of heat inside a home, siding plays a big role as well. Leaks, cracks, and even normal wear-and-tear in a home’s siding material can go unnoticed for a long time as the effects are typically not readily apparent. Your energy bill might not skyrocket in one month, but over the course of time, you can end up paying big if left untreated.
  2. Increase Home’s Value: Vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for homes today and for good reason. Not only can it last for 40 years or longer, but it can do so with relatively little maintenance. When people look to buy a new house, the last thing they usually want is a place that’s going to require a lot of work (unless of course that’s what they’re into). Investing in new or maintaining your current siding can payoff if/when you decide to move out. In fact, mid-range vinyl siding replacement projects have been found to return 81.6% of the initial investment.
  3. Aesthetic/Cosmetic Value: It might not be the most practical of reasons, but everyone’s at least a little vain and there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting the outside of your house to look good. New siding can give your home a “like new” appearance at a cost effective price and without the hassle of re-painting.

Call representatives for our siding company and find out how we can help with your next project today.





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