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3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Siding


3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home’s Siding

Any homeowner knows that keeping up with property maintenance can feel almost like a full-time job. It probably seems like there’s always something that could be repaired or replaced. But certain components of your home do matter a bit more than others. When it comes to the safety and comfort of your family, the integrity of your siding can make a huge difference. But how do you know when it’s time to bid farewell to your current siding in favor of something brand new? If the following three signs sound familiar, you should plan on calling your siding contractors to schedule your siding replacement sooner rather than later.

  1. There’s visible damage: Cracks, bubbling, gaps, warping, rotting, and mold are not indicators of a healthy siding installation. But take heart: after a certain amount of time, these are all fairly common. Siding protects your home from excess moisture, harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and wildlife activity. Eventually, your siding may become damaged; it’s on the front lines, so it’s not going to stay completely impenetrable forever. That said, this doesn’t give you license to ignore these circumstances. Doing so will only make these problems much worse, as they’ll allow water, fungi, and other living creatures access to your home. Conduct your own visual inspection to look for siding that looks out of whack. If the problem is extensive enough, you may have to consider total siding replacement.
  2. Your home looks outdated: Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future or simply want to improve its appearance for your own enjoyment, your choice in siding can impact the aesthetic and financial value of your property. Faded siding will give your home a tired look, while a jarring color choice can make a house look all kinds of wrong. What might have been en vogue when you bought your home or last replaced your siding may no longer be appealing for a variety of reasons. And because there have been so many advancements made in siding materials — like composites, which are not only more economical than hardwood but are often more attractive, as well — you’ll have no shortage of possible upgrades at your disposal. This small change can give your entire home a much-needed face lift.
  3. Your energy bills keep rising: This isn’t always an indication that you need your siding replaced, as it could be attributed to a failing HVAC system or the need for roofing or window replacement. However, gaps and cracks in your siding can lead to air drafts that force your home’s heating and air conditioning systems to work a lot harder to maintain your comfort level. If you’ve eliminated all other possibilities, give your contractor a call to look into siding replacement. During the process, you can improve your insulation and will be able to choose a siding option that’s more energy efficient.

While upgrading your siding might not be your favorite way to spend money on your home, the fact is that it’s a worthwhile investment that will directly affect your family’s comfort and safety. If these signs are eerily familiar to you, be sure to call your local siding contractors right away





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