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3 Tips for Completing a Construction Project on Time


3 Tips for Completing a Construction Project on Time

Time is money, and no one understands that better than commercial contractors and their clients. If you are building a commercial property, you want to work as efficiently as possible so that projects are completed by their deadline. Here are three tips for keeping construction schedules on track.

  1. Start early. Bring in your commercial construction company early. The sooner you include a contractor in the planning of a project, the more likely you will be to hit your key dates. Commercial contractors can be an essential resource from the very beginning, providing counsel and helping to create a realistic construction schedule that meets the needs of the developer, operations team, and owner.
  2. Avoid budgeting issues. It is important to set a realistic budget during the initial stages of project planning. If the client and designer come up with a set of plans and then ask the contractor to quote a price, that price may not be in the range they had expected. Consequently, it could take several more rounds of adjusting and re-pricing before the remodeling or construction project budget is finalized. This kind of back and forth will cause delays that could throw off the entire schedule. The solution is to create a budget concurrently with the design process in order to streamline the initial stages of the project.
  3. Establish strong communication. When it comes to commercial construction, clear communication is critical to meeting deadlines and sticking to the established production schedule. Contractors should communicate when certain tasks will be completed, including material delivery, debris removal, etc. On the other hand, the client needs to be clear about their plans and expectations as well, particularly when it comes to things like materials and design requirements. For instance, sidings made from composite are much economical than hardwood sidings, so if you are set on using composite, make that very clear to whoever is in charge of purchasing and ordering. Ultimately, sharing accurate information is essential; transparency keeps everyone on the same page and goes a long way towards preventing issues that could delay a grand opening.

By taking the advice listed above, you can make sure that your construction team is working as efficiently as possible during every stage of a project.





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