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3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Roof Is Ready For Winter


3 Ways You Can Ensure Your Roof Is Ready For Winter

A roof should be inspected two times a year. This is because your roofing will need some extra attention at the beginning of winter and at the end of it.

Winter can have a major impact on your roof, especially in Illinois when the cold weather is unpredictable. But how can you ensure your roof is protected against hail, winter winds, ice, and snow? Consider the following ways to prepare your home’s roof for the impact of winter weather.

  • Clear out the debris in your gutters
    Throughout the year, your roof will accumulate various amounts of debris. This debris eventually makes its way into your gutter systems, which can cause problems with water draining if left alone. This is especially true during the fall when leaves, twigs, and branches drop in preparation for the winter weather. Be sure to carefully clear out your gutters or call a gutter cleaning service prior to the first snowfall to prevent water damage and ice dams from forming on your roof.
  • Check your roof edging and shingles
    Your roofing shingles are what helps to keep the moisture and cold out of your home. Once you’ve cleaned the gutters and the rest of your roof, inspect your shingles and edging to determine if there’s any cracks, weak spots, or damaged fasteners. If you notice any problems, be sure to contact a roofing repair service immediately. Water damage caused to your home’s siding can cost you 10% of your home’s value.
  • Inspect your roof’s insulation
    When the insulation on your roof is damaged or aged, it can cause air to escape from the roof. If there’s snow on your roof during the winter, the warm air escaping from the insulation can cause the snow to melt. This melted snow will then make its way into your gutters where it can refreeze, causing an ice dam. Therefore, be sure to inspect the insulation either under your shingles or in the attic. Consider contacting a roofing repair service to install new insulation if your current insulation looks like it’s beginning to fall apart.

It’s always a good idea to ensure your roof is well-prepared for the impact of winter weather. However, sometimes even a good repair isn’t enough to fix an aged or damaged roof. For more information on roof replacement and siding installation, contact Pro Homes Services today.





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