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4 Advantages of Performing Roofing and Siding at the Same Time


4 Advantages of Performing Roofing and Siding at the Same Time

Naperville roofing contractors would advise you that having separate budgets for roofing and siding is costly. The processes that go on while preparing for house siding and roofing have a lot of resemblances. So, it would be a wise economic plan to prepare for one job rather than two. Here’s what you’ll gain by having a double roofing and siding procedure.

Energy Savings

After you repair air leaks through your home, you will significantly reduce your energy bills, not to mention prolonging the roof’s lifespan. During winter, you will have less heating cost while you’ll have reduced cooling costs in the summer. This is primarily because roofs and siding form a single system to protect your home from ecological elements. It only makes sense that you would want to make necessary repairs at the same time since these two components work together.

Easier Planning

Roofing and siding make the exterior envelope of your home. When one is worn out, the entire house can seem incomplete or unattractive. If this happens to be your problem, it is easier to plan for a renovation. Most Naperville roofing contractors provide almost all remodeling services, at least regarding the exterior of your home. You’ll save a lot of time by relying on a single contractor to do both jobs.

Also, since both jobs require an assessment before the works start, it’s more efficient to have a simultaneous inspection performed.

Peace of Mind

It’s not logical to replace a roof and leave the siding colors washed-out. By doing it at the same time, you’ll no longer worry about chipped or faded paint, missing shingles, winter drafts or even rattling windows. Instead, you’ll have a complete appearance that you’ll never have to worry about.

Reduced Labor Cost

Having your roofing and siding done one time means you’ll only arrange for installation once. The implication is that you’ll pay for labor cost on a single occasion. The lengthier it takes to fix siding or a roof, the higher the price. Here are some of the top tips you should consider when making these home repairs.

Appoint a Quality Contractor

It is safer to hire professional Naperville roofing contractors since they have valuable experience, training, and knowledge of the appropriate roofing materials. Ensure they are aware of the building codes for your area as well, especially regarding waste disposal ethics. Your prospective roofers should have the proper license, insurance, and positive references before you hire them.

Get the Building Permits

Local governments will need you to have permits for roofing work. Ascertain the time frame for permits to ensure that you’ll not be out of time. It’s wise to ensure that your license allows some extra time in the roofing schedule.

Remove the Old Roof

Contractors might suggest leaving the old roof intact and adding the new roof on top. While it might be cheaper, it might not be the best option, especially if there is mold growth or other structural issues hiding beneath. Once the old roof is detached, the contractor should inspect the decking for structural damage. You might be hiding an expensive repair by putting a new roof on top of the old one. It is important to go with experienced Naperville roofing contractors who will give you the best option.

Plan for the Right Weather and Time

Schedule the roof repair when the weather is excellent in your area. Most roofing works can be finished in a few days if the weather allows. Additionally, some Naperville roof contractors might give discounts if you schedule your job during their low season.

Popular Siding Materials

Wood siding is among the most appealing of siding options. Popular varieties of wood siding include shingles, wood planks, panels, and boards.

The high cost of maintaining wood siding brought about the desire for an alternative, and metal siding became the substitute. Aluminum became the first to fit the bill. It was later followed by cheap overseas steel. As the hunt for low-cost siding continued, the subsequent evolution after the metal was vinyl siding. It comes in siding strips with interconnecting edges just like aluminum.

The latest development is fiber cement siding. It is created in recyclable material, making it resource efficient.

In the United States, the revenue of the roofing contractors ranges at about $46 billion annually. You will agree that the roofing and siding industry has dominated the construction market with home improvement services. For more information about these two essential home maintenance tasks, rely on Pro-Home Services today.





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