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4 Common Problems with Windows and Panes


4 Common Problems with Windows and Panes

When you think of commercial construction and repair, it is easy to forget windows and panes. Yet windows play an important role in illuminating the house. They also provide ventilation and can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.

If your commercial construction service is not thorough with the installation, certain problems may crop up. Poor window installation can compromise the aesthetics, reduce heat efficiency, and even attract pests. Here are some of the common issues you may encounter.

Drafty Windows

Having a breeze get into your house may sound like a cool idea, but once you see the energy bill, you’ll want to fix the leak. As winter sets in, you may want to check and fix the issue to avoid skyrocketing bills.

One thing that may be causing a draft could be the glazing around the pane. For aluminum or vinyl windows, you should check the weather stripping. You can often fix the leak with temporary plastic weather stripping.

A permanent solution may include changing the glazing. You may have to remove the glass and change the weather stripping. The sealant doesn’t have to be applied with superior workmanship. An ordinary job will prevent drafts and save you from high energy bills.

Persistent Fogging on Glass

Another problem you may notice is persistent fog on the glass. If you occasionally notice that the glass is foggy, there may be no cause for worry. It could be as a result of humidity or a sudden temperature change inside the room. High levels of humidity, however, may speed up rotting or the formation of mold in your home.

If the problem is persistent, it could be from condensation. You may notice that the fog does not go away even if you wipe it. That may be because the warm air is stuck between the panes. When the moisture hits the cold glass surface, it condenses and fog forms.

Persistent foggy windows will need to have the sealant redone. Air may also be coming from a hole in the frame, so you need to check if it is broken. Take your window to a commercial contractor to evaluate and replace the frame if necessary.

Stuck Windows

Another common problem with windows is that they don’t close properly, or they tend to get stuck. Most often, the problem is mechanical and easy to fix. One way to resolve the issue is by replacing parts of the window.

Double hang sash windows can be fixed by repairing or replacing the sash support hardware. Other types such as casement windows may only require a change of the handle.

On the other hand, if there are cracks around the window, it could be a sign of a serious problem. Soil moving underground can cause foundation problems that can alter the structure of the building. If the house is shifting, you will need a commercial construction professional to inspect your home. A survey can be done to establish the exact cause of the problem.

Inefficient Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 30% of the energy is wasted through inefficient windows. In recent times, there have been new glasses in the market that can change instantly from transparent to opaque. They are either glasses or films that can keep solar radiation from heating the building

In Conclusion

Windows have many issues that people often ignore. Since they are responsible for a third of all the radiation in the building, they need to be functional and efficient. If your commercial construction service installs your window professionally, you can avoid most of the problems stated here. Call us today for any home repair questions or queries.





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