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5 Ways To Protect Your Home During Storm Season

5 Ways To Protect Your Home During Storm Season

5 Ways To Protect Your Home During Storm Season

Storm season is incredibly rough on any structure. Torrential rains, hail, and high-level winds are dangerous for your home since this is a common problem, especially for states closer to the equator. So how do you protect your home during storm season? Read more to find out.

Use Security Window Film

Security window film is often considered flimsy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The polyester film sticks to the glass. If it smashes the film, it’ll automatically crack it, but not the window. This is perfect for keeping your windows safe in stormy weather and will save you a pretty penny in repair costs. It uses adhesive glue to bond to the glass and can be applied to all types of glass.

Use Storm Shudders

Storm shudders are everywhere, though they’re typically seen on houses in tropical climates. They come in different shapes and types. Some are made of steel, and some are made of aluminum. However, despite their differences, they all perform the same function as shields that fit over windows. They’re typically installed on homes in areas that are frequently overridden by hurricanes.

Add Plywood

If you live where a hurricane is imminent, plywood is a great solution to put on your windows. Sheets of plywood are a great layer of protection to ensure your windows stay in great condition, even during a hurricane. Some may think it’s crude, but plywood is sturdy and durable; in fact, adding plywood is a key way to protect your home during storm season.

Think Metal Roofing

Sometimes your storm proofing isn’t imminent, and rather, it’s done well in advance of the storm. Metal roofs are durable and hail resistant. Suppose shingles are placed at the right angle. Hail and rainwater will beat on the shingles or metal sheet but won’t break. While emergency roof repair is always an option, make sure you think ahead to avoid any problems in the future.

Seal Your Doors Properly

Wind-driven rain can flood or slide right under a poorly sealed door. Make sure it fits straight, and use a door gap filler to ensure that it stays sealed when you’re in a storm. Overall, you’ll be surprised what all these measures can accomplish to protect your home and keep you safe from the storm.





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