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6 Different Windows To Replace The Mysteriously Broken One


6 Different Windows To Replace The Mysteriously Broken One

Whether your kids broke the window or, as they told you, the dog did it, you are going to have to get it replaced. When you do that, you might be surprised at all of the options available. Today there are many different types of residential windows to choose from in the event one of yours suddenly breaks. So whether you need to replace that one broken pane or want an entirely new facade for your home’s exterior, here are just a few of the residential replacement window options available to you:

  • Casement Windows
    The window with a crank. Turn a crank to open this side-hinged window outward, letting just the right amount of fresh air inside.
  • Double Hung Windows
    These residential windows consist of two segments. The bottom segment slides up on tracks to open fully, and the tops segment slides down. Both the top and bottom, however, can open inward as well. Think of how an old-timey mail slot would pull toward you until resting at an angle. Both window panes in double hung windows do the same thing.
  • Bay Windows
    The most beautifully Victorian way to brighten up a home and make any room feel bigger. Bay windows protrude out of the house, leaving a gap between where the wall should be and where the window sticks out. Many People choose to put a bench or couch in this space to lounge in and read. It’s an elegant option for any window replacement project.
  • Sliding Windows
    This type of window slides along a track to the left or right and is mostly found in more modern homes with open layouts. Crazy idea: Knock down the wall and install a sliding glass door to really let in the natural light.
  • Picture Windows
    A tall, sometimes floor to ceiling window that doesn’t open but is perfect for observing picturesque scenery and letting the early morning sun wash over your living room.
  • Energy Efficient Windows
    If you are mindful of your energy costs, you might be inclined to get more energy efficient windows. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, windows that meet criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy could reduce energy bill costs by 7-15% per bill. Quite a deal.

If your dog kicked your children’s soccer ball through the window, don’t panic! This is a great chance to explore some exciting window options for your home. You can go with a timeless classic like a casement window, or go all out modern with a floor to ceiling picture window. Whatever you do, make sure to take the cost out of your kid’s allowance.





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