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7 Ways a New Roof Can Increase a Home’s Value

7 Ways a New Roof Can Increase a Home’s Value

7 Ways a New Roof Can Increase a Home’s Value

Out of all the home improvement projects you can do, replacing your roof is one of the most important. There are many reasons for this; one is that a new roof can increase your home’s value. But how? If you’ve ever gotten used to a leaky attic, high energy bills, or an unappealing aesthetic, this is for you. Learn more below.

Reasons To Install a New Roof

Essentially, installing a new roof renews one of the most important parts of your home. A poorly maintained roof can affect everything from the foundation to your walls. It can even cause leaks and make your energy bill shoot up. Those are just a few reasons you should get a new roof, but there are many more, which we’ll illustrate below.

Improved Home Appearance

One of the first reasons you may want to install a new roof is aesthetics. It makes your home look better than you could imagine. You might be used to a roof with missing shingles or exposed underlayment, but your neighbors likely think it’s an eyesore. Your homeowner association (HOA) may even get involved if the problem is persistent and displeasing. You certainly don’t want the neighbors involved in how your house looks. If that happens, it’s time to get a professional roofer to do the work. You’ll be happy you did.

Solves Roof Problems

If you’re already dealing with roof issues, a roof replacement will fix all these problems in one fell swoop. You don’t have to keep repairing missing shingles that flew off in inclement weather. You won’t have to patch up attic leaks from thin underlayment or deal with the nail-biting situation of a faulty foundation causing more roof problems. Instead, you can handle all these problems without the hassle of constantly climbing onto your roof and doing yet more repairs.

How It Can Increase Your Home’s Value

So, now that we’ve laid out some reasons that you should invest in a new roof, what’s all this effort for in the long run? Let’s discuss the ways a new roof can increase your home’s value.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

There may be no price tag associated with curb appeal, but you’ll certainly be the talk of the town—in a good way. Even if you aren’t selling your house, a new roof will fill passersby with awe and appreciation for how well you care for your home. You might even get a few compliments and make some friends in the process. It establishes a visual reputation that will be readily apparent no matter who walks past. This is a key way a new roof can increase your home’s value.

Buyer Attraction

As a prospective homeowner, one of the first things you likely did was look at the features of houses on the market. New windows, decks, patios, and even smart appliances might have stood out to you. The theme is that new and modern updates have more appeal than old, outdated ones. You can tell by the condition of your roof just how old it is. If you resell your home, prospective homeowners will seek the same perks. Don’t let them down; replace your roof to connect with new buyers.

Easy Inspection

Inspections can kill a home sale. If buyers find out something is wrong with your roof or it isn’t up to spec, they’ll run out the door, and you likely won’t see them again. Buyers also tend to get negative impressions from older roofs because the roof is such a prominent aspect of a home. Getting a new roof solves this problem because you know it’ll be up to standard. Prospective buyers can look high and low and only find a professionally built, brand-new roof.

Updated Technology

Technology is always advancing, and with a new roof, you can take advantage of this. Updating your roof with new tech can greatly increase your home’s value and energy efficiency. Getting Energy Star shingles, for instance, is perfect in hot climates because they reflect the sun’s rays, blocking the heat. For this reason, you’ll see a decrease in your energy bill. This is yet another way that a new roof can increase your home’s value. It brings your energy bill down dramatically. You’ll see the difference immediately!

Longer Warranty

There’s nothing better than an increase in your warranty. Roofing warranties can last up to 15 years in most cases, and if something happens, it can cover any repairs. No one ever thinks of it like this, but you could already be over halfway through the warranty when you sell your house with an older roof. You’ll have to divulge this to the customer, and when a 15-year-old roof only has a 5-year warranty—well, they likely won’t be happy with that. A new roof with premium shingles may even come with a 50-year warranty! This is a huge selling point for new buyers.

Creates Good Housekeeping Habits

You’ll need to consider long- and short-term value when installing a new roof. Getting a roof will feel like getting a new deck or car. You’ll be proud as you host parties and have guests over. It will no longer be an embarrassment in the neighborhood, and it shows that you respect your home. This will cause you to keep up with your house in other ways because one good habit leads to the next. Staying on top of maintenance and repairs will benefit your home’s value in the long run.

Increased ROI

We understand—a new roof is expensive. There’s no real way to work around it. That said, you’ll recoup massive savings in energy efficiency, time, and money when you sell your home. There are many ways that your roof can positively impact your bank account. Get a replacement and reap the benefits!

If we’ve convinced you to install a new roof, we have professional roofers who would happily do the work for you. Shop Pro-Home Services today! You’ll be happy you did!





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