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Benefits of Replacing Your Siding During the Winter

Benefits of Replacing Your Siding During the Winter

Benefits of Replacing Your Siding During the Winter

If your siding needs a replacement, installing it in the middle of winter might seem counterintuitive. However, doing just that has many benefits. Old, cracked siding is the source of many problems for your home in winter, and those problems will only worsen if you overlook the issue until spring or summer. Don’t hesitate to schedule a siding installation in the coldest part of the year. A great installation team will make it a breeze and leave you satisfied. Check out our benefits of replacing your siding during the winter.

Convenient Install Time

Siding repair and replacement companies have slow times of the year. Their “downtime” is during the fall and winter months. Conversely, their busiest times of year are spring and summer. This means that during the winter, you will likely have ample opportunity to schedule an appointment. Sometimes, you can expect to set the install date a few days later. In contrast, replacing your siding can be an arduous task in spring or summer, taking up to a week or more. You might even get a discount during the winter months!

Landscaping Isn’t an Issue

Siding contractors don’t have to worry as much about working around your garden or landscaping arrangements in winter. Spring and summer bring many issues related to hedges and plants, which installers must avoid. However, in winter, they won’t have to be as cautious around your plants, giving you peace of mind that they can work without damaging anything.

Heat Transfer

An old siding with gaps, cracks, and seams lets heat escape and makes your home cold and energy inefficient. You could end up spending thousands on heating bills in an attempt to keep your home warm. However, a great benefit of replacing your siding during winter is that you’ll immediately notice the difference in temperature and your wallet. Getting your siding replaced by installers in winter is a great way to take advantage of this.

Overall, there are many benefits related to getting your siding replaced in winter. Why wait? If you want your siding installed properly, check out our installers here at Pro-Home Services! We’re here to help you with all your siding and roof installation needs!





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