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Best Landscaping Choices with Your New Exterior Home Colors – An Infographic!


Best Landscaping Choices with Your New Exterior Home Colors – An Infographic!

By Nichole Meyer

It’s exciting to make a change in your home exterior. A new color of roof or siding on your home can make all the difference in how you feel about your home as well as your curb appeal when it’s time to sell.  However, while changing your exterior will make your home look shiny and new, it’s good to consider whether the change you made calls for a change in your landscaping as well.

When you chose the new colors for your siding, roofing, windows, or doors, did you consider the colors and springtime bloom of the landscaping in your yard?  For example, if you choose siding that’s green with hints of yellow for your new siding color, will your lilac blossoms complement your color choice in Spring, or call attention to a mismatch?

Changing your house color doesn’t necessarily mean you must change your landscape. However, if you are changing the colors of your home through new roofing, siding, windows or doors, the color of your home materials should be a consideration if you decide to make changes in your landscape.

We’ve put together a handy chart to help you make selections that will complement the new color schedule of your home once you select your home’s new color palette. Consider the chart below after you’ve chosen your shingles or new siding and want your landscaping to complement it as much as possible.\


We hope these suggestions are helpful but remember, it is your home and yard. Your personal preferences are very important when it comes to making decisions about colors. Whatever you decide, consider not only colors but what would work best in your climate and neighborhood, and the maintenance demands of a change in landscape.

Regardless of whether or not your landscape changes, an updated exterior with fresh siding, a sturdy new roof, or a stunning new front door will make a difference to anyone who sees your house. At Pro-Home Services, we bring color samples to your home so you can see firsthand how they look in our neighborhood, and with your current landscaping! Call us for a free in-home estimate today at 630-790-0800.





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