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Best Materials for Your Replacement Windows


Best Materials for Your Replacement Windows

Fall has fallen upon us (pardon the pun), winter is right on its tail, and now is a great time for replacement windows.   Replacement windows can be installed year round, so why not add it to your home improvement list this season.  Improving your home’s efficiency and cutting costs on heating and cooling are just some of the benefits of replacement windows.  Heading into a potentially frigid winter, you also want to keep your family warm and your home safe from potential leaks, drafts, mold, infestations, etc. But which windows are best for your house? How do you choose?

Whether your home is two or thirty years old, it is important to take note of any signs your windows need to be replaced.  While some signs are obvious, some may be overlooked.

The five signs that it’s time for replacement windows are:

  1. The window is difficult to operate.
  2. You feel drafts.
  3. Windows won’t stay open,
  4. You see condensation on the inside of your window.
  5. You can’t lock your window.

Now that you have determined it’s time for replacement windows, what replacement window material  should you choose?  Do you go with vinyl, wood, aluminum, clad, or fiberglass?  All five of these options are considered the best available.  Picking one of them is a matter of taste, budget, and location.

  • Vinyl (Most Popular)

Vinyl is the most common of materials used for replacement windows. They are durable, inexpensive, and have a long lifespan. They do not crack, peel, or fade and are good insulators. The drawback to vinyl windows is they cannot be painted after installation. Pro-Homes installs Alside windows which come with incredibly insulary glass, and an industry-leading warranty.

  • Wood (Best Insulator)

Wood windows are natural insulators and help regulate the temperature of your home. They are considered elegant and timeless, perfect for historic homes. The downside of wood windows is cost and upkeep. They are the most expensive option and will require painting as they age. We install Anderson Windows, a top name in wood replacement windows. 

  • Aluminum (Most Durable)

Aluminum windows are a great option for warmer climates. They are the same cost as vinyl windows but much more durable. If you want a modern look with many color options, aluminum is the way to go.

  • Clad (Best of Both Worlds)

Choosing clad windows means having your cake and eating it too. They provide the look and feel of wood inside your home, without the extra maintenance on the outside. You can opt for vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum clad-windows. The downside of this choice is the cost. Clad windows tend to be on the expensive side due to the dual materials used. We can help you find the best clad windows for your needs.

  • Fiberglass (Best Performance Over All)

Fiberglass windows provide great durability and energy efficiency. Fiberglass is also nearly maintenance free, requiring little upkeep once installed. It isn’t the most inexpensive option, but they offer a great return on investment over the lifetime of the window. Fiberglass will not rot or corrode and is less likely to crack or shrink as it ages. he only negative is the look if you prefer the true warmth of wood instead.

Deciding on replacement windows can be a daunting task.  The experts at Pro-Homes Services will guide you through every step of the process, from window material selection to installation preparation. We even bring window styles to your home to make decisions easier. Give Pro-Homes services a call and let our in-home design consultation help you find the right replacement windows for your home. Call us today for an estimate at (630)790-0800.





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