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Composite Siding 101: What You Need to Know


Composite Siding 101: What You Need to Know

There are a lot of house siding options out there, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to weigh your options before choosing between types of house siding, since your decision will impact how well your house is protected for many years to come. After all, siding is what protects your home from all kinds of weather factors. In both residential and commercial buildings, siding helps enhance the general appearance and overall appeal of a building, as well as its retail value.

One of the most popular types of siding is composite siding. In fact, 15% of new homes come with composite siding. Here’s what you need to know about this versatile and resilient material and the different types of house siding available:
Types of Composite Siding

  • OSB (Oriental Strand Board):This type of composite siding is made from compressed shredded wood or sawdust. It looks a lot like wood siding and it offers great protection against rot and pests like termites.
  • Fiber Cement: This composite siding is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber. It is known for being extremely durable and long lasting. It has all the benefits of appearing like wood siding but lasts much longer and costs significantly less. Plus, it’s resistant to fire, water damage, and termites. It will need repainting about one every 10 years.

Benefits of Composite Siding

  • Curb Appeal: Composite siding is available in a wide range of siding colors and textures, allowing you to customize the appearance of your home and boost its curb appeal. This is especially easy since composite siding does not fade even in harsher climates and only needs to be repainted every 10 to 15 years.
  • Durability: No matter where you live, it is important to shield your house from erosion caused by the elements. Composite siding will protect your house and everything in it for many years. By maintaining your siding, you can enjoy the returns of your investment almost indefinitely.

    Call up your siding company to check out the many composite siding options and determine which one is right for you and your building.





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