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Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Windows

Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Windows

Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Windows

Whenever people need to replace their windows, they often feel surprised by how many options there are for them. Other than picking out a style, you also have to choose what kind of material you want them in. This can all get a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help by going in depth on the choice of materials. For windows, you can usually choose between vinyl and wood. Each has its differences, which we’ll cover for you in this blog post.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation process for each type of window is about the same. You must line it up correctly, seal it up, and then paint over it if necessary. Doing this correctly for every window is not as easy as it may seem, which is why many people opt to have professionals do their home window installation.

Wood and vinyl differ a bit more when you look at the lifetime maintenance, though. This is because vinyl windows don’t need any additional maintenance. On the other hand, you must reseal and repaint wooden windows semi-regularly. Wood degrades over time if not properly cared for, so this is a necessary step if you want your windows to last.

Color Choices Available

Some people might try to argue that color options aren’t vital when choosing a window type. However, it’s your house; you should be able to make it whatever color you want. If having various choices is important to you, you’ll want to go with wood windows. You can use whatever shade of paint you want on wood, or you could just leave it as-is for a lovely rustic appearance.

Unfortunately, vinyl can be a bit more complicated. Most vinyl windows come in white because darker colors tend to fade quickly over time with this material. You can paint some colors onto them, but doing so will likely cost more than it would with wood.

Insulation Factor

The most crucial aspect of windows is how well they insulate your house, which is why this is a key difference between wood and vinyl. Most people consider wood to be the best choice for saving on energy costs because it’s a natural insulator of both cold and heat.

Vinyl is also good at blocking out extreme temperatures, but these windows are typically hollow inside, making it easier for cold air to sneak through. If you go with vinyl, make sure you buy windows with extra insulation.

Overall Cost

Finally, we have the difference that everyone cares about: the cost. While both types of windows are comparable in terms of their price, vinyl ones can be as much as 20 percent cheaper than wood. If there’s ever a wood shortage, like the one we had at the beginning of the pandemic, this price disparity can become even more prominent.

At the end of the day, though, the best choice for you is the one you prefer personally. Both options are similar enough that one doesn’t totally beat the other. Lucky for you, we install both types for our customers. So if you want to work with us, it won’t matter which one you pick.





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