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Don’t Let Money Blow Out the Windows With Energy Efficient Window Replacements


Don’t Let Money Blow Out the Windows With Energy Efficient Window Replacements

Throughout the winter and summer, as temperatures begin to radically change, people often immediately turn to their heating and cooling systems. While they can be effective in altering temperature, they may be costing you a fortune. It’s easy to overlook other repairable aspects of a home that may be affecting your energy bills.

For the majority of homes built before the mid-1900s, single-pane glass windows were used in construction. These windows are incredibly inefficient in containing cold or heat as well as blocking sound pollution from outdoors. Today, double-glass window panes are used.

New replacement windows that meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency/ United States Department of Energy’s Energy Star program can cut energy bill costs anywhere from 7 to 15%. Over time these lower bills can amount to substantial savings.

Besides just the savings on utilities, if selling ever becomes an option, replacement windows can be a great way to up the value of your home on the real estate market. The extra money made on the sale can recoup up to 73 to 77% of its original expense; that’s not including the savings on energy costs.

Depending on the needs of your home as well as your personal tastes, commercial contractors can offer several window selections made for different purposes and from varying materials. The most popular types are wood and vinyl windows.

Wood windows offer the luxurious aesthetics that wood brings to the inside of a home, while also saving on energy bills. Vinyl windows offer the same energy efficiency while also reducing maintenance. Vinyl is an extremely durable material that is very effective even with minimal upkeep.

Skilled and experienced contractors can offer replacement windows and installation that will easily pay for itself over time. Whether your main concern is reducing energy costs, environmental conservation, or simply to improve the looks of your home, high quality windows can make all the difference.





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