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Finding a Trustworthy Roofer

Finding a Trustworthy Roofer

One of the biggest obstacles homeowners face is finding a trustworthy roofer, especially when it’s important to act quickly to minimize damage to your home.  Although it may be tempting to pick the first contractor that pops up on Google, it is important to know they are reputable. You wouldn’t pick a mechanic for your car using the eeny, meaney, miney, mow method. Why should your roofing contractor be any different? Look for these qualities to make sure your roofer is trustworthy:

Stability. Unfortunately, today there are many fly-by-night companies that prey on people at their moment of weakness—after a storm or other heavy weather event when they need roof repairs. These companies are likely to find you first and seek out communities who may have experienced severe weather.  They often do not have an established business, office, or address or they could be established out of state so they will do the repair, leave town and be unavailable if things go wrong.

Reputation. A trustworthy roofer has experience and satisfied customers under their belt. A  roofer with an excellent reputation is probably local, has been in business for a while and will have positive customer reviews.  When it comes to what customers say, look for words like exceptional, reliable, prompt, reasonably priced, and clean. Word of mouth can mean more than a logo or catchy jingle.

Safety. Make sure your roofer is licensed, bonded, and insured. When a roofer is insured, it is piece of mind for you and the roofing company. Knowing they are insured provides security that the roofer will take proper safety precautions to protect the homeowner and themselves. Insurance covers any mishaps or “what ifs” at the worksite, insurance covers those “what ifs.” A trustworthy roofer will display this information upfront.

Honesty. Knowing what goes into roofing quote can help you determine the honesty of the roofer. If the contractor seems to pull a quote out of the air and it’s unusually low, beware. A reasonable and honest roofer will conduct a timely inspection of your roof, and estimate all costs at once, including travel time for their crew, and consider quality materials without surprises. . The roofer should be able to make additional improvements to your roof, if asked for or needed. Sometimes doing improvements during a roof installation can save time and money over having it completed at a different date.

Quality.  All shingles are not created equally. At Pro-Home Services, we use the best quality materials with a five-year guarantee.  We also offer the most up to date roofing products, like Malarkey shingles, that are designed to withstand our harsh Midwest weather. A trustworthy roofer should have a knowledge of quality materials from years of working in the trade and believe in the products they are using. They should only work with materials that they would use on their own homes.

The internet provides endless choices for anything you want, including roofers but be careful. Do your homework now because if you don’t, you could waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars in choosing the wrong roofer. At Pro-Home services we cover all the bases of the trustworthy roofer and strive to provide an exceptional experience.  Consultations are free so give us a call today! 630-790-0800





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