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Finding The Right Roofer For Your New Roof


Finding The Right Roofer For Your New Roof

Making the decision to get a new roof is stressful enough but finding a roofing contractor you can trust can be even more stressful.  As the owner of Pro-Home Services for 20 years, I regularly console my customers’ fears and anxieties about their new change. The fears are not unfounded. I’ve seen the types of “roofers” out there and it’s important to identify and steer away from the disreputable. Whoever you choose for your roofing project, we want to make you aware of the many types of roofers out there and how to be a wary shopper.

The Storm Chasers

These so called “roofers” come running to your doorstep after a storm ends. They are usually a door to door operation from “out of town.”  They offer to look at your roof, find damage whether it exists or not, and encourage you to file a claim.  Once money is exchanged, they often do a shoddy job (since they will be gone by the time you notice) or have even been known to flee town all together before the job is done.  Either way, you are left with a disconnected phone number or bounced email and the responsibility for having to spend more money to fix what they claimed to fix.  Here’s how to avoid this situation:

  • Find a reputable company that is well established in the community.
  • Find a roofer that will stand by their work, with a guarantee.
  • Find a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

The Yard Junkers

These are companies that come for the paycheck.  All they care about is getting the job done as quickly as possible and they leave a yard littered with debris in their wake. They place the safety and well-being of your family in jeopardy and possibly cause costly damage to your landscape. Here’s how to avoid this situation:

  • Find a company that posts its customer reviews on their website.
  • Find a company that a good reputation among those you know.
  • Find a company that offers protection such as tarps and other coverings to protect your landscape.

The Bait and Switchers

Unfortunately, some roofers are not honest. As a homeowner, you expect and hope a “professional” roofer will give you an accurate estimate of time and money. Far too often this is not the case. Some roofers will estimate a cost that seems to skyrocket as they begin their work. Work that was estimated to take a week can extend to a month or more, with additional costs to cover the “extra” measures. Here’s how to avoid this situation:

  • Find a company that is backed by reputable business organizations or that has been awarded or endorsed for its work.
  • Find a company that can guarantee their work, along with a license and insurance.
  • Find a company that is active in the community, has a reputation for their quality, professionalism, and commitment to customer service.

We are that company you are looking for.  When it comes to be getting a new roof, Pro-Homes is: Truthful, Respectful, Upright, Skilled, and a Time-honored part of your community.

As people have urgent and emergency needs for their home improvement, we are continuing to operate as an essential business during this outbreak of COVID-19. We have trained our crew in homeowner safety and adjusted our services to respect social distancing requirements by offering estimates and contract reviews online or over the phone.

If you are ready for a new roof or have questions about getting a new roof, give Pro-Home Services a call at (630)790-0800 or visit us at





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