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Five Things To Check Before You Choose a Roofer


Five Things To Check Before You Choose a Roofer

Deciding you need a new roof is easy; choosing a roofer who you trust and is affordable and instills confidence in the job, is the hardest part.

When the Better Business Bureau reported their rankings on inquiries and complaints for 2015, roofing contractors ranked fifth in inquiries and fourth in complaints. It goes to show that smart consumers take time to research their contractors before the job begins and if they’re not happy, they let somebody know.

As a consumer, what are some things you should look for as you choose a roofer? Here are the top five considerations.

  1. Check out the company’s experience. Has the roofer been in business long? Roofers who do not treat customers honorably will have a hard time staying in business, so choose a reputable company that has proven their value in the marketplace. Also consider the experience of your contact at the company and the crew that will be working on your home. Are you working with a newly hired salesperson or the owner of the company? Whoever it is, they should be able to guide you through the process and have the experience to bring ideas to the table and deliver your vision within your budget and timeframe.
  1. Next, check their reputation.  Hit the internet and see how they fare on reputable places like Angie’s List, Guild Quality and the Better Business Bureau. Ask around and see if other people you know have used the company successfully. Also, look through their online reviews, as well as their social media profiles, which often have additional reviews and valuable information about the company’s most recent projects and work.
  1. Protect yourself by hiring a roofer that is licensed, bonded and insured. This means that not only is the company a licensed roofer with the State to legally do the work on your home but they are also bonded for honesty and hold an insurance policy against injury that occurs on the property. Such a roofer operates professionally and cares enough about their work to obtain everything they need to protect customers and workers during a roofing job.
  1. Make sure that the roofer uses quality products. All shingles are not created equal. Some roofers will use high quality, guaranteed brands of roofing materials like GAF and Owens Corning while others will compromise and install the cheapest available product. The higher quality brands have training programs and certify installers to use their products. Know what type of material is being installed on your home, including its reputation and warranty.
  1. Labor guarantee. Aside from your guarantee on roofing materials, does the roofer offer a labor guarantee for his service? If so, regard it as an indication that the roofer believes in what the company can do and plans to do it right the first time!

Choosing the right roofer is important because you may be living for decades with the roof you install. A reputable roofing company understands this and will always try their hardest to do a top-quality job that will please you and result in good referrals for the future.

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