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Five Ways to Winterize Your Sliding Door

Five Ways to Winterize Your Sliding Door

When was the last time you thought about sliding glass door maintenance? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But now that the crisp, brisk air of fall is approaching, winterizing your home to keep the cold out should be on your honey do list. May we suggest adding sliding glass door maintenance to the list?

While sliding glass doors are an attractive feature of most homes, they can be a major source of heat loss. This is especially true in older doors or doors without double pane glass. Fortunately, there are five easy steps needed to solve this problem; all it takes is a little TLC.

1. Keep the Track Clear of Debris

As easy as it sounds, dirt and gravel may prevent the door from sliding or sealing appropriately. One of the easiest things you can do to make sure your door is working correctly is to keep the track and rollers clean.

2. Add or Replace Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is the material attached to the door located between the door, door frame, floor, or door jamb. It creates a seal to keep the cold air out, and is usually composed of materials such as rubber, vinyl, foam tape, felt, etc., that can deteriorate with age and overuse. Part of sliding glass door maintenance is keeping an eye on the weather stripping to keep it functional, and completely replace it altogether when necessary.

3. Install Plastic Window Film

Even though it’s a temporary solution and many people don’t like the aesthetic, covering your sliding door window with inexpensive plastic film can make a marked difference in keeping your home insulated during the cold winter. Plastic window film can be cut to size and made to fit any size glass door.

4. Install Panels of Rigid Foam Insulation

A panel of rigid foam insulation is a lightweight and easy installation that can solve the problem of frost development on the inside of the glass door. The panel begins on the floor and goes up to the top of the door frame. It is a budget-conscious solution to a budget draining problem.

5. Add Insulating Thermal Curtains

Thermal-lined curtains are an easy way to prevent heat loss during the winter months. The curtains are designed to block drafts and will even help keep your home cool in the summer as well. Another perk is that the curtains add to the beauty of the room rather than distracting from it, as other insulating window coverings like foam panels and plastic sheeting may do.

When it comes to sliding glass door maintenance, these steps are all useful, but they can’t fix what may be broken. If the structure of the door is compromised or the windows are no longer providing insulation, replacing it might be your best option.

At Pro Home Services, we are experts in helping you find the right replacement sliding door after all other sliding glass door maintenance has failed. We offer quality materials from popular brands: wood doors from Andersen and Vinyl doors from Alside. Both brands offer low maintenance materials with superior insulation against the elements. If you’re interested in a sliding glass door repair or installation or have questions about winterizing, give Pro Homes Services a call!  (630)790-0800





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