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Four Scary Ways Bad Curb Appeal Can Haunt Your House


Four Scary Ways Bad Curb Appeal Can Haunt Your House

With Halloween fast approaching, many homeowners are getting into the spirit by putting up decorations and transforming their homes into creepy but fun places—with no negative effect on curb appeal, of course. This October, while you’re decorating your home with fake cobwebs and gravestones, keep an eye on these parts of your house for terrifying problems that can turn your home into a real-life house of horrors:

1. Your Roof
A bad roof can introduce you to a plethora of issues that will damage your home’s curb appeal outside and potentially, your belongings inside as well. On the exterior, look for signs of trouble, such as missing shingles, rotting, or any anything else that seems amiss. On the inside, look for any evidence of leaking, mold, or condensation. Poor attic ventilation, as well as a problematic roof, can be the culprit for these interior issues. A leaky or damaged roof can also create an inviting way inside for insects and other pests.

2. Your Windows
A window’s job is to allow light into your home while stopping everything else from getting in! Therefore, many issues with your windows may not be immediately visible. Look for the obvious signs first, such as any cracking. You can also check for any drafts by the window, which would mean that the window is no longer sealed. If this is the case, the breach can lead to water damage or even mold in your home. A broken seal in the glass can also lead to cloudy or foggy windows—an unsightly issue that only gets worse with time. New windows breathe new life into both your home’s exterior and interior while keeping nasty problems out.

3. Your Doors.
Your home’s doors are vital to your safety and security, and yet most homeowners don’t give them as much as a second glance. Just like windows, your doors provide a barrier between your home and the outside world—one which must be secure but still able to open for you with ease. Sometimes, an old door becomes difficult to open, close, lock, or unlock, potentially endangering the home’s overall security.  Think about it. If a door is no longer secure or if it can easily be broken, no other part of your house will work to keep home invaders out—a truly frightening idea. If your doors show any signs that they are not completely functional and secure, we highly recommend fixing or replacing doors.

4. Your Siding
One of the more immediately noticeable aspects of a home’s curb appeal, the siding, can make or break a house’s look. Ask yourself: “How old is my siding?” Do you see any fading or peeling from years of wear, or are there any cracks or dents or other signs of damage? If so, replacing your siding is one of the sure-fire ways to ensure your home doesn’t have that “haunted house” look all year round. Old or new, a house’s appearance starts at its siding.

While it can be fun to decorate your home to look like an old haunted house, you certainly wouldn’t want the look to persist every other month of the year! If you are interested in new roofing, siding, windows or doors to boost your home’s curb appeal, contact Pro-Home Services to get started on your next project.





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