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From an apartment complex to the newest retail development, the success of your project is tied to the quality of all the contractors you hire, but especially your commercial roofing professional. A lackluster roofer can delay your entire project with work crew mismanagement, bad credit for roofing materials or the inability to adhere to the set schedule. As you vet your commercial roofing professional, it’s important to know what to look for so your project proceeds as planned, with no unpleasant surprises.

Here are four main things to carefully examine before you sign a contractor to do your commercial roofing:

  1. Length of Time in Business. Roofing is a very exposed business. If a contractor is not doing it right, word gets around and he won’t be in business for long.  A contractor who has been in business for more than a decade undoubtedly has the resources, credit rating and management ability to handle your job successfully.
  2. Experience.  It goes without saying that you want a contractor who has done jobs like yours in the past. When in doubt, ask for references or view the contractor’s other jobs in person. Also, always do your online research to read reviews and testimonials about the company on social media sites and the company’s website. Finally, compare the complexity of their recent projects to your upcoming job. Have they proven their ability to do your work?

In commercial roofing, there are a number of factors that validate the experience of a contractor. Be sure to ask your roofing professional about:

  • Project management experience. Does the roofer understand how to work with others on the project? Your commercial roofer will need to coordinate with your other construction professionals and contractors to adhere to their schedule. Good communication will be important.
  • Licensed and Bonded. Experienced commercial roofers have industry credentials that validate their claims of professionalism. Check their websites or ask them directly.
  • Building Codes and Regulations.  One of the big differences between residential and commercial roofing projects are the regulations involved. Your roofer should be familiar with the codes in your area.
  • Warranty. Check to see if your commercial roofer offers a guarantee on their work over and above the manufacturer’s warranty on the roofing materials. This is a sign of a company who has faith in their work.
  • Trained and Certified Staff.  A roofing contractor is only as good as its people and an experienced contractor knows this. Experienced contractors will dedicate resources to train and certifying its people for not only proper, quality installation but also for OSHA compliance and best practices for worksite safety. This ensures the safest possible scenario at your construction site.
  1. Financial Stability. It is important that the commercial roofer that you choose is financially stable and has an excellent credit history. Then they are able to receive delivery of your roofing materials at the proper time and proceed with the project without delay. They are also able to keep and maintain an experienced, loyal crew.
  2. Price. For many projects, price may be the most important consideration. In many cases, it should be the last. A shoddy roofing job, especially one without any warranty or assurance of longevity from the roofer, can just lead to maintenance costs that can far exceed the difference in price between a bargain and premium-priced roofer. However, you should never fear the lower proposal from a smaller, well-established and reputable company with proven experience. They may provide an identical roofing job at a lower price thanks to their lower overhead and thrifty financial management.

Choosing the right commercial roofer for your job is no easy task but looking at these four things will send you in the right direction. If you ever have any questions about your commercial roofing project, please feel free to contact Pro-Home Services for an estimate at (630) 790-0800.





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