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Helping Customers with Rising Roofing Material Costs


Helping Customers with Rising Roofing Material Costs

It’s a tough time for homeowners making home improvements. And a tough time for contractors too.

Like so many other consumer goods, the cost of materials for roofing, siding and other exterior home improvement is on the rise. The causes are many and have been documented. They include rising labor costs and labor shortages, due to the pandemic-related exodus from the workplace known as The Great Resignation. It hit the manufacturing sector hard, and they are still recovering. Overseas shutdowns during the pandemic slowed manufacture and exports from China, Canada, and Mexico, where so many home improvement products are made. Price increases are also related to disruption to the supply chain, thanks to a shortage of drivers and shipping containers. The result is bottlenecks at ports and distribution centers around the country, which means the shingles and siding we need to service our customers will wait at ports and distribution centers in shipping containers to be received, unloaded, or picked up. Time is money and delays are expensive for everyone.

However, understanding the reasons behind the rising costs doesn’t always soften the blow. In December, we began receiving word from the national distributors of our products that prices would be increasing 6-8% because of their rising material and transportation costs. As you can imagine, seeing the surprised expressions of our customers as we went forth with much higher work estimates wasn’t much fun for anyone!

Now, we fully expect to see another price hike (and it may even be over 10%) in the summer months. In other words, waiting for prices to drop, at least at this point, doesn’t make sense.

What, then, should you do if you are in desperate need of an exterior home improvement?

  • Don’t Put off Your Project. If you know you need a new roof, now is the time to schedule your project. By getting your order for materials in early, we will be able to schedule installations far in advance so you have your new exterior home improvement when you want it.
  • Consider Popular Styles and Colors. With manufacturing plants stretched for labor, you may be able to get your materials more quickly if you order materials that are more popular in style or color, like weathered wood-colored shingles, or siding in popular colors like gray and beige.
  • Prepare Financially. Whatever your budget was, know that you might need to exceed it to have the project you want, done right away. We work with customers to find financing or payment plans to make their project a reality.

At this very unique time in the industry, know that Pro-Home Services is doing their best to help consumers keep on track with their exterior home projects. If you want to avoid unpleasant increases for the summer, let’s get those orders in today. Call us at 630-790-0800.





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