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Home Exterior Storm Proofing Checklist

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Home Exterior Storm Proofing Checklist

It’s spring, and in the Chicago area, that means spring and summer storm season has begun. Our home exteriors take a beating between the pelting rain and the high winds that accompany such storms. Last year, a record number of 58 tornados hit the area, according to the National Weather Service. In the home exterior business, we typically receive many calls after these storms, requesting repairs to siding and roofing that homeowners could have avoided if they had been prepared.

While we can’t change the weather, we can do something to make our homes as stormproof as possible. That’s why we prepared this homeowner’s checklist for surviving spring storms. If you can check everything off this list, your home exterior is as prepared as possible to stand up to Chicago’s most wicked storms.

  1. ____ Have you inspected your roof recently for loose or missing shingles? An inspection by a qualified roofing professional can identify loose shingles, nails and sheathing before a storm blows them away, causing costly after-storm repairs on your roof.
  2. ____ Is your roof currently leaking? It’s important to repair your roof before the storm, or the leak will only intensify.
  3. ____ Are the trees and foliage surrounding your home trimmed? Storms strip away dead branches from trees and hurl them at your house, causing home exterior damage. Trimming away any branches that overhang on the roof is an easy way to prevent such damage. As a bonus, pruning your trees will keep animals from making an easy move from their home on a tree branch to your roof, eaves, or attic.
  4. ____ Are your gutters clear of debris? In storms, gutters overflow and damage to your roof or foundation. Gutter guards can eliminate the need to clean gutters and perpetually prevent overflow.
  5. ____ Are your windows fogged, cracked, and aging? If your windows are showing signs of age, they are not as weatherproof as they should be. Newer window models hold fast against the weather and keep your home exterior safe.
  6. ____ Are the seals on your door weatherproof? Seeing water seep under a door after a storm is never a good sign. Consider a new door installation or replacing the weatherstripping before storm season takes its toll.
  7. ____ Is your siding secure? High winds can rip loose siding off your home exterior. Inspect your siding for any weaknesses and have them repaired before the next big storm.
  8. ____ Have you secured your outdoor furniture and décor? Anchoring your outdoor accessories can prevent them from becoming projectiles in high winds.
  9. ____ Have you inspected your chimney? Debris buildup can lead to animal nests, and cracks in mortar can lead to water damage after the storm fades.
  10. ____ Are your home exterior’s vents clear of debris? When airflow is impeded, mold can grow in your attic and eaves.
  11. ____ Are your exterior walls intact? Check for cracks and weaknesses in your foundation and exterior walls. They may need attention before the next storm.
  12. ____ Do you have a good sump pump and backup? A good sump pump can benefit both your interior and exterior home dry. A battery-powered backup sump pump is also a good idea in case of electricity failure during a storm.
  13. ____ Is your drainage system clear? If you have French drains or swales, make sure they are clear and functioning properly to divert water from your home.
  14. ____ Do you have a current emergency kit? It’s a good practice to have an emergency kit with essentials such as flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and non-perishable food in case of power outages or other emergencies.
  15. ____ Are you familiar with your insurance coverage? Knowledge is preparation! It’s a good idea to know what to expect from your insurance company if your home suffers extreme storm damage.

If you can answer “yes” to the items on this checklist, your home is ready to survive storm season. And if we can help you prepare in any way, contact us at Pro-Home Services at 630-790-0800





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