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Homeowners Choice: Four Types of Homeowners That Choose Pro-Home Services


Homeowners Choice: Four Types of Homeowners That Choose Pro-Home Services

When it comes to deciding on an installation professional for your roofing, siding, windows and doors, it’s all a matter of homeowner’s choice. But most homeowners consistently tell us they want a service professional that will listen to them, understand what they want, and explain how they will go about fulfilling the project. One way Pro-Home Services has done this is by listening to the homeowner, and recognizing that different homeowner personalities look for different qualities in their home improvement contractor.

All of our customers receive the same great customer service and high-quality installation and materials. However, we understand that not all homeowners are the same. We need to know what’s most important to our prospective customer to become the homeowner’s choice!

In our nearly 15 years of business, we have found four types of homeowners that appreciate what we offer at Pro-Homes. Which type of homeowner are you?

1. The Wary Homeowner

The wary homeowner is a skeptic. You must earn their trust. They have likely googled every company and used sites like BBB or Angie’s List to research reputation and credibility. The homeowner wants to be sure that they are not using a fly by night, scam artist. To engage this personality, Pro-Home Services features our accreditations, awards, and customer reviews. This homeowner also appreciates our longevity in the Chicagoland area, and our awards and certifications.

2. The Tech-Savvy Homeowner

The tech-savvy homeowner wants the newest products/materials out there. These are the same people who are always in line for the newest iPhone. These techy homeowners do their research and know what they want. With unparalleled product knowledge and years of experience, the Pro-Homes professionals keep up with the latest trends and newest materials.  From eco-friendlyenergy efficient materials to the highest rated products to protect your home, Pro-Homes scours the market for the best.

3. The Multi-Project Homeowner

The multi-project homeowner may have a laundry list of jobs and expect to tackle all at once. This can be overwhelming for some companies, but at Pro-Homes, we specialize in exterior multi-projects. We can complete your roof one season, and the siding and windows the next. Our skilled team of specialized craftsmen can completely transform the look of your exterior seamlessly, and you need only call one company—Pro-Home Services—for all your needs.

4. High-Maintenance Homeowner

The high-maintenance homeowner can be picky and a bit of a clean freak. These homeowners need options, a detailed plan and exceptional communication. They may expect minimal disruption to the everyday and hope to have the work completed while they are gone and return home to never suspect anyone was there. The safety of our customers is paramount. Pro-Homes promises to protect not only the homeowners, but the plants, shrubs, sidewalks, etc. from any harm while on an installation job.

5. Relationship-Building Homeowner

The relationship-building homeowner wants to know who is working for them. The more the homeowner knows about the company and its professionals the better they will feel about their selection. A well-established business, like Pro-Homes Services, will have a vested interest in the community and its customers with no plans of abandoning them.   In turn, customers are more willing to give testimonials and refer friends, neighbors, or relatives to the services. Not only is this relationship-building but it is also reputation-building. A win, win!

In the end, what decides whether or not each of these personalities chooses Pro-Homes for their next exterior remodel is all the homeowner’s choice. No matter the situation or customer, it is important the homeowner is listened to and respected.  Pro-Homes takes time to identify their customer, adapt to their environment, and go out of the way to make their house into the home they deserve.  The professionals at Pro-Homes Services has been serving the Chicagoland area for more than 15 years. The PRO stands for Professionalism, Reliability, and Ownership over every job we do. Call Pro-Homes Services today at 630-790-0800.






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