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How Natural Disasters Can Damage Your Roof

How Natural Disasters Can Damage Your Roof
How Natural Disasters Can Damage Your Roof

Will you be prepared when disaster strikes? We don’t often think of the effects of natural disasters. They can’t happen to us, right? It can happen to anyone, so it’s always best to be prepared. You can’t afford to tempt fate if you live in a place that experiences tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, or earthquakes. Let’s take a look at how natural disasters can damage your roof.

How Tornados Can Affect Your Roofs

A tornado is an incredibly awe-inspiring and extremely destructive force of nature. A tornado’s winds can throw large items on the roof of your home or knock over a tree. The structural damage is immense if a tornado hits your home. At the very least, you’ll have broken shingles and exposed underlayment. The worst-case scenario is no roof at all. If a tornado hits your home, it might be time for an emergency roof repair. You shouldn’t drag your feet on this. Fix your roof immediately, and you won’t be sorry.

How Earthquakes Can Damage Your Roof

Earthquakes are, in many ways, worse than tornados. They don’t just hit your roof; they tear apart the structural foundations of a home. This can make your walls collapse on you, which causes the roof to collapse inward. Alternatively, an earthquake could uproot a tree or a streetlight, which could fall on your house. This is a terrible way that natural disasters can damage your roof.

Effects of Extreme Rainfall

Extreme rainfall—the kind that causes flooding—adds tremendous weight to your rooftop. Debris could block your gutters, leading to pooling on the roof and underlayment damage. Additionally, the weight from pooling water could make your rooftop crumble and wear out. Excessive rainfall can also cause rot. You’ll quickly discover that mold will make its home there if you don’t get the replacements your roof needs.

Consequences of Excessive Winds

Winds like the kind you might experience in a blizzard or a hurricane can cause several problems. Most commonly, your shingles will loosen or fly off altogether. You can expect underlayment exposure, failing power lines, and fallen trees.

All these things are reasons why you want a roof repair company that covers you when disaster strikes. Contact Pro-Home Services if you need someone who’ll be there for you in a time of need.





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