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How Roofing Contractors Can Improve the Value of Your Home

How Roofing Contractors Can Improve the Value of Your Home

When planning to put a home on the market, there are countless factors to take into consideration that can drastically increase or decrease its value. While some buyers may focus more on aesthetics, others may be taking a closer look at quality and functionality. Either way, there are a few facets to specifically look out for.

Perhaps one of the biggest aspects that should be examined is the quality of one’s roof. For the more appearance inclined individuals, a new roof can be an enormous selling point, considering it’s almost impossible not to notice roofing from the exterior of a house. A rundown, grimy roof can be an automatic turn off for many.

However, if a roof simply looks nice but proves to have other setbacks, then more savvy buyers may realize the damage it could potentially cause. Between water damage and extra energy spent from heating the home due to the cold air that can enter the roof through cracks and holes, the expenditures they could be covering after the initial purchase is not a risk many home buyers would care to take.

Finding commercial contractors that can construct quality roofing and perform repairs can have a huge impact on your home’s market value. With the roofing service industry estimated to be generating $46 billion in revenue each year, many people have come to realize the advantages that a quality roof can have.

To ensure a commercial construction company is able to effectively solve your roof issues, looking for some of their regular operations can be a dead give away. Some roofers may take shortcuts when it comes to replacing a roof by simply constructing one over the existing roof. This method has shown to reduce the life of a roof by up to 20%.

If they are using some more extensive methods then there is a good chance they’re skilled workers. More professional companies may opt for a technique which involves installation of fiber cement at least two inches above the roof, reducing water absorption which could reduce the risk of future erosion and water damage.

Regardless of your reasons for desiring roof replacement or repair, finding a quality roof contractor can up your home’s value and save the owners more money in the long-term.





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