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How Temperature Changes Affect Your Roof


How Temperature Changes Affect Your Roof

Believe it or not, fall is weeks away, and with it will come variable weather and big temperature changes. Have you ever considered how these atmospheric mood swings affect your roof?

We have the “good fortune” of living in the Midwest where we can go from frigid Siberia to sunny Miami in 24 hours. These extreme temperature fluctuations, as well as extremely hot summers and very cold winters can wreak havoc on our home’s exterior, particularly your roof. As the most important component of your home, the roof needs to be well-maintained and inspected both by you and a professional, like Pro-Home Services, to detect any unseen damage.

Hot Temperatures Expand

Much like a rubber band, your roof is elastic. This means your roof expands, stretching from end to end in the heat. On hot days, this expansion is not visible, but is reflected in the condition of the wear on the materials, especially rubber and metal. Also, your roof absorbs a large amount of thermal energy, with UV rays. With conventional roofing materials, nearly 90 percent of the heat is absorbed by your roof. This raises the temperature inside the house and makes the air conditioner work harder.

To help reflect the sun’s rays, choose a roof made of a lighter color to help reflect the sun’s rays.  Choosing the right roofing materials can also minimize the UV damage from the sun and prevent premature deterioration of your roof.

Cold Temperatures Contract

Because of the elasticity of your roof, it does the opposite of expanding in the heat. In other words, it contracts in the cold. Unfortunately, this causes damage over time, mostly on older roofs or roofs that were poorly installed. Small cracks can let in rain, sleet, snow, etc. and when that moisture freezes, it can expand those cracks, compounding your roof damage.

One common denominator in protecting your roof from the affects of temperature changes is professionally installed, quality materials. At Pro-Home Services, we offer top-rated GAF and Owens Corning shingles. Having earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, GAF, provides a lifetime protection with its weather stopper system. Owens Corning also combines style and long-lasting performance with its innovatively designed roofing systems. We also use Malarkey shingles that offer specific underlayment and protection especially for high slope roofs.

Pro-Home Services recognizes that in this challenging time, when so many families are already stressed, having a solid roof overhead provides peace of mind for everyone. We want to help your home remain a safe and comfortable shelter for your loved ones. Give us call. We are here to keep your roof intact, no matter what temperatures the change of seasons brings.





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