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How To Decide Between Siding Repair and Siding Replacement

How To Decide Between Siding Repair and Siding Replacement

How To Decide Between Siding Repair and Siding Replacement

Deciding whether you need to get your siding repaired or replaced can be tricky. You may be wondering, “How much damage is too much?” Here, we’ll go through the different rules of thumb, questions you can ask, and the final verdict so that you can make the decision yourself. We’ll get you the help you need to decide between siding repair and siding replacement.

General Rules of Thumb

There are a few rules of thumb that you must keep in mind when trying to make your decision. Note that we won’t be trying to convince you to do one or the other but instead helping you choose the right option for your needs. These rules are essential to deciding whether you want to repair your siding or get a replacement. Check out a few of them below.

Consider the Scale

Consider the scale of the damage. Are there any chips or cracks? How large are they? These can potentially cause many more issues than you might expect. Chips and cracks can also indicate internal damage that’s just beginning to show on the surface. This damage can lead to issues with wood rot as the water gets caught behind the siding. You should generally lean more toward replacement than repair if over half of the siding is damaged.

Consider the Material

Material matters. Each material has a different lifespan. Fiber cement siding lasts longer than vinyl since it’s more resistant to moisture. They also each have different maintenance needs, so make sure you keep them in mind. Considering the material also helps you prepare for possible issues that may occur in the future. For instance, if you have vinyl siding, you won’t get any termites, but with wood, it should be a concern.

Don’t DIY

Be very careful with DIY work. Only attempt siding repair if you have experience doing it, whether as a professional or an experienced handyman. If you aren’t either of those things, you could risk causing more damage and not only paying for the supplies you wanted to use but also for possible replacement if you make a mistake.

Questions To Ask

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether to get new siding.

Do I Need New Siding?

There’s a key difference between needing a repair and a replacement, and you should know what it is. This is the central question, and we can answer it by looking at the scale and severity of any damage. If issues like cracks have been there for some time, it could mean that water has gotten under the siding, which can cause leaks and other issues. Age is another factor you need to consider. If the siding is over a decade old, it would be more cost-effective to replace it than to try and update it constantly.

Is the Timing Right?

Is the timing right for you to replace your siding? Time of the year does impact the cost. Most siding materials should not be installed in extreme heat or cold, so if the damage isn’t too extensive and it’s within the extreme months, you might want to press pause on your plans to replace it. Moderate temperatures are always ideal for these sorts of projects.

You should also consider what other upcoming projects your home needs. Is your roof old? Are your gutters suffering the effects of aging? How are your shutters? Any contractor can tell you that some construction projects should be done before others. For instance, your roof will likely need repairs before you should get new siding, though this should be determined on a case-by-case basis. Doing all these projects at the same time will greatly reduce your costs as well.

Will My Insurance Cover Replacement?

Will insurance aid in the cost of your damages? That depends on your insurance. Make sure you contact your contractor if you have any severe damage, especially if caused by a storm or fallen trees. The contractor should document and identify unpreventable disasters like these when they come out to your home. A knowledgeable contractor can confirm that the damage is linked to an “act of God.” After that, they’ll be able to clearly discern the source of the problem and help you accordingly.

What Other Materials Should I Get?

You can stick with the materials you previously had, but feel free to switch things up if you want a different style or benefit to take advantage of. Remember that different materials come with different advantages and disadvantages. They each have maintenance costs and times, as well as different levels of durability and lifespans. Vinyl siding is great for value, but wood is traditional and has better aesthetics. It’s a matter of preference and performance.

What Color Siding Should I Get?

This is a popular question but one that you should think deeply about since it can change the face of your entire home. Siding replacements are one of the best investments you can make in your home. You must be careful with aesthetics since you’ll be stuck looking at whatever you go with. What color do you want the siding to be? To help you make the decision, check out the colors of your neighbors’ homes to see if you can complement them in any way.

Keep your town’s Homeowners Association in mind, and consult with them when you want to make any major changes to your exterior that may seem a little extreme. You can make your home stick out. Just make sure the decor fits into the grand scheme of the neighborhood. If most of the homes you see are pale blue, you may not want to be the only house on the block with sun yellow siding. The right color can make a home look brand new, so don’t hesitate to repaint your siding even if you don’t choose to replace it.

You might also want to consider if your color options complement the rest of your gutters, roof, and other aspects of your house. You should think about any future changes you want to make and try to factor in how you want the result to look.

With the information given to you, which will you choose? That’s not exactly a question we can answer for you. Instead, mull over these options, and you will find the right choice for your needs. Here at Pro-Home Services, we specialize in siding repair and replacement. Check out Pro-Home Services today!

How To Decide Between Siding Repair and Siding Replacement





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