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How to Help Your Roof Withstand the Weather

How to Help Your Roof Withstand the Weather

Here in the Midwest, we get our share of bad weather throughout four very different, highly volatile seasons. From wild tornados and thunderstorms in spring/summer to merciless ice storms and blizzards in winter, a well-installed roof is responsible for keeping you safe no matter what happens.

A newer shingle on the market is specifically designed to survive the tough weather. It’s the shingles available from Malarkey Roofing Products, which Pro-Home Services is now proud to be offering customers.

Resisting High Winds

High winds demand tough shingles. While most shingles are made with blown asphalt, Malarkey shingles carry a wind warranty up to 130 mph! They can do this because they are manufactured using PMA (styrene butadiene styrene or SBS).This process creates a stronger, impact-resistant shingle that is a good option for homes in stormy, wooded areas. It is rated for class 3 impact resistance to guard against falling tree branches and SBS also provides better adhesion of the granules onto the shingle, helping the roof hold fast against blustery gusts and small twigs skittering across the roof.

Resisting Roof Stains

Algae, mold and mildew growth is common on roofs that have installation problems or are subject to high humidity and low sunlight, such as homes that stand in the woods or in sites that never get sun. Malarkey shingles are ideal for these houses because their products contain protection against algae growth and unsightly staining with Scotchguard Streak Resistant™ technology. The formulated asphalt sealants used also help the shingles stay in place and be resistant to wind-driven rain which can also cause water damage and other problems. With Malarkey products, you are warrantied against unsightly changes to the roof for 12 years.

A Favorite for Customers and Contractors

For customers, the most noticeable feature of Malarkey shingles is their three-tab look which provides a sophisticated, architectural style roof. To finish off the look and further strengthen the meeting places on the roof, Malarkey offers a superior EZ-Ridge™, high or low-profile hip and ridge shingle. They are a favorite among customers and provide a finished, professional look.  They are especially constructed to be flexible, with class 4 impact resistance, offering the highest protection available.

The contractor who installs the Malarkey shingles will appreciate The Zone®. The Zone is a patented nailing area that is actually three times larger than other shingles and therefore makes it easier for the roofer to place the fasteners correctly. More accurately placed fasteners mean shingles are optimally installed and will solidly protect against water damage like troughing, blow back leaks and shingle disengagement.. all of which will threaten the lifespan of your roof.

If you are looking for a superior roof to withstand our crazy weather, call Pro-Home Services today for a free estimate. Malarkey shingles just might be the answer for you!





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