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How to Keep Your Home Safe With High Quality Roofing Materials


How to Keep Your Home Safe With High Quality Roofing Materials

When it comes to maintaining a house, one of the most damage prone and important areas to keep up is the roof. Not only is a roof very apparent to visitors who may see a home’s condition as indicative of the owner, but it can prevent further damage to other areas in the house. The difficult part comes in the lack of accessibility to the roof.

Having a roof repaired or replaced is one of the most common procedures homeowners have done. The entirety of the roof contracting industry generates an estimated $46 billion every year in the United States.

Having a reliable construction company to perform roof repair or replacement can end up saving a homeowner substantial amounts of money overtime. First off, the better quality of the work means less frequent repairs later on. Regardless of the quality of different types of roofing materials a contractor might use, some may take shortcuts in the actual construction, leading to future problems.

With leaks and cracks in low quality roofing materials, comes the existence of water damage. Besides just causing aesthetic damage to walls and ceilings, it can also have dangerous health repercussions. Water seeping into wood in the walls and floor boards can compromise the structural integrity of the home, potentially leading to collapses.

Possibly even more dangerous is the potential for mold. The vast majority of molds all thrive in moist conditions. Because liquid that enters through leaks can reach into areas of a home that are not clearly visible to the naked eye, people could end up living surrounded by mold and not even realize until it’s too late.

Experienced contractors will use fiber cements to reduce a roof’s water absorption. This cement should be installed at least two inches above any steps, decks, and roofs, and a minimum of six inches above grade. Good quality roofers will also avoid taking any shortcuts. Rather than simply installing a new roof over the previous roofing materials, an entirely new roof replacement can have a 20% longer life span.





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