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How To Pick A Color To Side Your House


How To Pick A Color To Side Your House

The color of your home impacts a lot. Whether it’s the curb appeal or your own aesthetic enjoyment, choosing the color of your siding is an important decision. When it comes to house siding you can pretty much find whatever color you want. But before you go picking that mauve siding you may want to think about the best colors for your area and how they will impact your overall home worth.

So, what color should you pick?

  • Beige or Gray
    These neutral colors are hard to pass up. They may not seem like the most exciting choices but they will appeal to the widest variety of people. Whether you are planning to sell your home eventually or not, having neutral siding can boost your property value simply because it doesn’t clash with anyone’s particular opinions. When viewed against the surrounding environment, neutral siding can play well against pretty much any backdrop.
  • Blue or Green
    These colors are a step away from the neutral tones, but earthy and inviting enough to still appeal to a lot of people. Blue and green balance well with the greens of trees and the blues of lakes, so they are often used in inviting natural environments.
  • Red or Brown
    Red and brown move a little further down the path of striking colors. Often these colors can work well in a more country setting and accent well with each other. A red home can be reminiscent of a barn, and brown can feel very earthy and natural. Both colors are making a come back in recent housing trends.

As siding colors go its generally best to stick to earth tones. Not that a delightful hot pink isn’t off the table, but it may not add the value to your home that you want from a new siding installation. Replacing your current siding with vinyl siding can return nearly 81.6% on the total investment, over time. That being said, make sure that your accent colors work well with your main siding choice. Whatever the hue of your siding you want the trim around windows and architectural features to be either lighter or darker to provide contrast and aesthetic interest. When in doubt consult your siding contractors for help in picking the right color for your neighborhood and home. House siding is an excellent way to improve your home overall both aesthetic and economically.





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