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How Your Roof’s Quality Can Affect Your Home’s Air Conditioning Costs


How Your Roof’s Quality Can Affect Your Home’s Air Conditioning Costs

Your home may seem like it is just a giant inanimate structure, but it is actually much more like a giant living organism. The various parts and features of your home influence and impact one another. This impact is often most apparent in your heating and cooling costs. For instance, replacing standard windows with energy efficient windows and doors can reduce your energy bills by seven to 15%.

The quality of your roof can also raise or lower what you spend on energy. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to contact Naperville roofing services and take a hard look at how your roof could be impacting your home’s air conditioning cost and efficiency.

Heat absorption

You’ve likely experienced the downfalls of wearing black clothes on a hot summer day as the dark colors absorb and hold in heat. This rule remains true for roofing materials. If your roof is covered in dark asphalt shingles, it is absorbing heat from the sun and bringing it into your home’s attic space.

From there, the heat presses down into the rest of your home and your air conditioning starts working harder to cool these spaces. Your air conditioner will also go into overtime as heat naturally transfers into your home through certain roofing materials. This heat will only add to the warmth that is building up in your home’s attic space simply from the high temperatures outside.

Energy-efficient roofing products

Luckily, there are products that can mitigate heat absorption. Most energy-efficient products have a high solar reflectance, which makes them reflect the sun’s energy back into the environment instead of absorbing it. These reflective roofs can lower the temperature on the roof’s surface by up to 30%. Energy-efficient roofs should also feature high emittance. This allows the roof to release any solar heat they have absorbed back into the environment.

If you think that your roof could be bringing an inordinate amount of heat into your home, consider switching to energy efficient roofing materials. Contact Pro-Home Services, the trusted Naperville roofing services, to learn more about the products available for your home today.





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