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Jack Frost Nipping At Your Roof: Common Winter Roofing Issues


Jack Frost Nipping At Your Roof: Common Winter Roofing Issues

You don’t need to live in a winter wonderland to know about the terrifying reality of ice dams. But ice dams aren’t the only winter problem homeowners need to worry about when it comes to potential roof damage.

To keep your roof from needing a major repair, here are some of the most common winter roofing problems to be on the lookout for so you know when to call a contractor.

Ice dams

As mentioned above, ice dams can be a serious issue if you don’t detect them in time. An ice dam is what happens when water accumulates on your roof and under your shingles.

This can happen when there are temperature fluctuations that cause the water to melt and freeze. Ice dams can also develop due to poor ventilation, cold temperatures on sunny days, and inadequate insulation. If left to wreak havoc, an ice dam can cause a roof to collapse.


In an ironic twist, icicles are a common roofing issue caused by another common roofing issue. Icicles form when you have a clog in your gutters that cause water to back up and freeze in the cold temperatures.

When icicles form, they can not only pose a danger to the people walking beneath them but also to your roof. The weight of the icicles can pull your gutters ride off the roof. They can also keep water from effectively draining off your roof, which causes ice dams.

Strong winds

Strong winds can be a problem at any time of the year, but they’re especially problematic during the winter. Strong winds can throw debris like tree limbs at your roof, which can cause shingle damage or holes in your roofing.

While you may have time to repair this damage in the summer, winter is a whole other beast. You’ll need to call a roofing service to make repairs fast to keep condensation, snow, and ice from damaging the rest of your roof and your insulation.

Need professional help replacing a roof?

There a reason why the roof contracting industry generated $46 billion of revenue every year and it isn’t because it’s better to DIY a roofing replacement. Professional roofing services can help you get the job done right the first time so you can feel safe and secure in your home this winter and all year round.

If you need a roof repair or roof replacement, Pro Home Services has the roofing contractors you need. To learn more about our roofing services or siding installations, contact Pro Home Services today.





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