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Knowing When It’s The Right Time For Siding Replacement On Your Home


Knowing When It’s The Right Time For Siding Replacement On Your Home

Keeping up with home repairs can feel like another full-time job. We hate to break it to you, but home maintenance is another job. However, proper home upkeep will keep your place of refuge and comfort beautiful and sturdy for years to come.

Roofing and siding are two of the biggest exterior projects your home will demand. Fortunately, neither of them need to be replaced very often, but damages often go neglected. They cover the biggest portions of your home and literally shield it from the elements, so keeping an eye on wear and tear is important to maintaining protective longevity. Today we’re going to talk about your siding and knowing when it’s time for a siding replacement.

In modern residential construction, composite sidings are the most popularly used and are generally more economical than hardwood siding, but any type of siding wears down over time. There are some subtle and overt things to look out for that are tell-tale signs that you need siding replacement. Let’s look at a few.

    • Obvious Damage: The most overt warning that you need siding repairs, at the very least, is obvious damage. Hailstones, wildlife, dry rot, and anything that has broken down your siding over time isn’t protecting your house like it did when it was first installed. Siding is pretty doughty, but it isn’t invincible, so staying wary of damaged spots is important to timely repair and siding replacement preparations. This warning is especially easy because it’s blatantly visible most of the time.
    • Interior Signs: Siding that’s not doing its job outside will show signs inside. If water is getting in your house, you’ll notice wet spots on your walls or peeling paint/drywall. If that’s happening, it’s time to look at your siding and have it replaced before the problem gets out of hand. Ignoring this could result in damage repairs outside and inside.
    • Check On Your Energy Bills: Over time, siding just wears down, seals come apart, it gets loose, any number of things. What once could keep the howling winds of winter at bay might not be cutting it years down the road. You may notice this during colder months when your house is more difficult to heat and your bills seem higher. If your siding is letting cold air in, you can bet that it’s letting warm air out.
    • Aesthetic Deterioration: Visual aesthetic has a great impact on the curbside appeal and value of your house, should you be thinking of selling it now or down the road. Because siding replacement is such a project, it’s a worthy investment to make that could greatly increase the value of your home. On the opposite end, keeping tired, sun-bleached, faded, or otherwise shabby siding will negatively affect your home’s value.

As we said, you’re not going to be getting a siding replacement every few months, thankfully. It is important to keep an eye on it over time because it’s much better to know that the project is coming than to be suddenly surprised by it. Your home should be appropriately armored for your protection.





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