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New Siding, New Windows Or A New Roof: Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Project For Your Home


New Siding, New Windows Or A New Roof: Simple Tips For Choosing The Best Project For Your Home

What’s worse than doing a renovation in the summer? Doing one in the winter.

Make the most out of the remaining good weather by compiling a rundown of your home and picking up on what needs to be spruced up. Could you use a door replacement to conserve more energy and save money on your monthly bills? Maybe a new roof could finally see you getting that boost in ROI you’ve always wanted. You have a lot of wonderful commercial construction options available to help you kill two birds with one stone and catapult your average home into something truly stunning. All you have to do is reach out to a siding contractor with your list of questions.

Until then, learn more about the best type of roofing or the benefits of composite siding below.

Quick Facts

If it’s been a while since you renovated your home, never fear. Your siding contractor will be able to sit down with you and discuss everything from rates to the best projects to improve your house from the outside in. The roofing contracting industry today generates over $45 billion in revenue, seeing a spike in recent years as more homeowners become familiar with the benefits of a high-quality roof for energy conservation. Siding has also seen a few changes over the years, fast being replaced with composite models compared to the previous vinyl standard.

Composite Siding

Siding that’s old, peeling or just falling off is a major threat to your home’s ROI. A recent study revealed worn-out siding can contribute to a 10% loss of your home’s overall value, which says nothing about the beating its appearance will take. A siding contractor can easily reverse this trend and give you options that are just as beautiful as they are practical. Composite siding uses either fiber cement or wood pulp and cement. It combines the reliable performance of masonry for minimal upkeep while allowing you to recreate wood, brick or shingles.

New Roofing

You can always combine good siding with a new roof to get the most out of your new renovation. Vinyl siding has an average lifespan of 40 years when properly taken care of. A new roof can also last a few decades and keep you saving money even as you spend it. Recent studies have revealed a lot of heat loss in a home is through poor roofing materials, including minor cracks you can’t see or a roof that isn’t designed for your home’s unique climate. Keep in mind the life of a new roof can be cut by 20% if it’s simply installed over a pre-existing model.

Replacement Windows

For homeowners who still want to save money on energy bills, this section is also for you. New window installation is a smart choice with a high return on the investment. Single-pane glass windows are present in most homes built before the 1990’s and are widely considered to be energy inefficient, letting temperature slip through the cracks and draining your finances. Double-paned windows, on the other hand, are more durable and will see you shaving off anywhere from 10% to 15% on your monthly energy bill. Your siding contractor will be able to show you the windows certified by the EnergyStar program.

Choosing a Project For 2018

A commercial construction company will make sure you’re never left wondering what you could have done a little better. The American homeowner today has never been in a better spot to patch up old construction designs and replace them with smarter, more beautiful models. Swapping out your siding with a composite or vinyl model will save you time and money. A better roof can do wonders for helping you retain the temperature of your home and give your house an ROI boost. Pairing either of these with replacement windows will go a long way in creating a high-quality home that keeps delivering on its promise.

Look into a roofing service or pair of new residential windows to carry you through the cooler seasons.





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