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Preventing Storm Damage in Chicago


Preventing Storm Damage in Chicago

In the Chicago area, last month was a rough one in terms of storm damage.  Most home exteriors took a beating, from shingles to siding, windows to gutters. Annually, more than 100,000 thunderstorms occur each year and 10,000 of them are classified as severe according to the National Weather Service. In the Midwest, we certainly assume our share of those severe storms.

So your home’s exterior protects you, but are you doing all you can to protect your home’s exterior? Is there anything you can do? Yes there is! Here are some steps you can take to minimize storm damage to your home.  Taking these precautionary measures can mean the difference between a costly home repair and no repair at all.

  1. Inspect your roof regularly.

If your roof is 5-10 years or older, it is more susceptible to losing shingles, nails, and sheathing. Loose shingles can easily blow off during a storm. However, loose nails and sheathing can cause areas of your roof to fail and expose a place for mother nature to come inside.

If an inspection turns up any leaks, fix them immediately to eliminate further water damage during severe weather. It is important to not only inspect your roof yourself, but call a professional like Pro-Homes Services to locate any unseen damage to your roof.

  1. Trim the trees and foliage surrounding your home.

Trimming trees regularly will help protect your home from any branches that could batter your roof during strong winds or a storm. Removing dead wood from your trees will reduce possible flying debris during a storm. Trimming overhanging branches that touch your roof will also prevent animals from making a home on or in your roof, which could weaken it and make it extra susceptible to the elements.

  1. Keep your roof and gutters clean.

Roof debris can cause major damage in severe wind and storms. Clearing your roof of debris prevents storm damage, like, tears, penetrations and holes. It goes without saying when the leaves fall, clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters during a storm can cause water damage to your roof and home foundation.  They can also provide a nesting area for birds and other animals that can do further damage to your home before and after the rain ends.

  1. Consider your windows.

How old are your windows? Are they foggy or cracked? Aging windows are vulnerable to storm damage. In hurricane affected areas, windows are usually boarded up. But in areas where weather changes on a dime, like the Midwest, you can’t always be prepared. New windows made by companies like Anderson and Alside hold fast against nature’s fury. The team at Pro-Homes can help you determine your window needs.

Whether you’ve suffered damage from recent storms or need to prepare your home’s exteriors for the next big one, Pro-Homes Services can help. Unlike so many “storm chasers” out there, Pro-Home Services has been headquartered in Chicagoland for 15 years with an industry-leading, five-year warranty on our installations. We are a dependable, reliable choice for all your home exterior needs. For a free estimate, give us a call today! (630)790-0800.





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