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Pro-Home 2020 Siding Trend of the Year


Pro-Home 2020 Siding Trend of the Year

Every December, we crown our top trend in exterior home improvement. What was it in 2020? Board and batten siding!

Board and batten is commonly described as “modern farmhouse,” and Pro-Home Services has responded to the increasing requests for the alternative siding design. In fact, board and batten siding is so popular that Zillow reports that homes featuring this design trend have sold for 10 percent more than expected.

Where did board and batten come from?  Impress your friends with this history lesson!

When colonists first came to America, trees were plentiful, so everyone cut down trees to build their houses, also known as “log cabins.”  As more colonists arrived and more and more trees were felled to build houses, they realized that building one cabin required too many trees. Plus, the log siding did not fit together tightly or protect them well from the winter wind.

The colonists soon realized they could saw strips or “planks” from cut trees. They would nail the planks up and down, vertically across the house. Since the planks did not fit evenly where freshly sawn, they would nail a small, wooded strip, a couple inches wide, called “batten,” over the cracks to make it airtight.  Not only did this save trees, but it also kept the early settlers sheltered from the cold winds.  We now call this style of siding, “board and batten.”

Choosing board and batten siding is timeless and always in style, but like any siding design choice, there are pros and cons.


  • Longevity. The durability of board and batten, when properly cared for, is impressive and can last for decades.
  • Resale value. The appealing aesthetic of board and batten, especially in the color white, adds curb appeal and  value to your home.
  • Versatility. Board and batten can be installed vertically, horizontal, or both, for architectural variety.  It is also more economical to repair, due to the individual planks.


  • Cost. The installation and materials for board and batten may be an upgrade, but one that may be well worth it for your home.
  • Installation time. Because board and batten siding requires a different installation technique, your job can take slightly longer.

As stated above, board and batten is quite versatile.   Not only do homeowners have their choice of material, but there are many ways the siding can be installed. Here’s one of our favorite projects of the year and how the homeowner judiciously chose to use their board and batten siding.

Dual style (Using vertical and horizontal siding)

Bump out accent (Using the vertical siding for features that “bump out”)

Architectural callouts (Using vertical siding to highlight unique structural fixtures)

Window accent (using vertical siding helps eliminate need for shutters)

Board and batten had a moment in 2020, perhaps because we were all called to “batten down the hatches” with everything else that was going on. Even in winter, Pro-Home Services is available for your siding installation, whether you choose a traditional design or 2020’s trend of the year! Give us a call today to begin the process. Our masks are on and are hearts are open, ready to serve you.  Call (630)790-0800 today.





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