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Pro-Home Services Celebrates Twenty Years

Pro-Home Services roofing siding in Glen Ellyn

Pro-Home Services Celebrates Twenty Years

Peter Kiwior achieved the American Dream when he founded Pro-Home Services in 2003.  Originally from Poland, Peter came to the U.S. and got his feet wet in the industry by selling replacement windows and siding. After listening to customers complain about their bad experiences with roofing companies, Peter wanted to provide a better way. Today, Pro-Home Services offers the same quality and personal customer service that has become the company’s trademark.

We sat down with Peter to discover what’s changed in twenty years and what it means to be in business for two decades.

Twenty years in the industry! Tell us what has changed in the industry.

Peter Kiwior, Pro-Home Serci
Peter Kiwior, Founder of Pro-Home Services

So much! Perhaps the biggest change is the materials we use these days. Most of the materials are more durable but also made from recycled products. Customers, too, have changed and consider sustainability when they make decisions for their home improvement. We even offer a special shingle with smog-reducing granules

The building codes in the towns and villages we serve have also changed over the years too. They now often require eco-friendly choices for home improvement.

Tools used to be more manual, but now battery-powered devices are taking over pneumatic ones as more convenient. There have also been amazing advancements in sealants and adhesives that are stronger, more waterproof, and better for the environment. The invention of spray foam was a game changer for sealing windows and other spaces.

The labor force has changed quite a bit too. I used to have many college and high school-aged kids work with me in the summer, but not so much anymore.

Has your clientele changed?

Customers today are smarter and more sophisticated than they were twenty years ago, thanks to Google. They do their homework before calling me and usually are more decisive about what they want. It makes our conversations more interesting, and can even speed the process.

How has your business grown in twenty years?

I never wanted to be the biggest roofer out there—I just wanted to be the best. I’ve kept my business scaled to serve customers as best I can, and their loyalty shows that I succeed.  Pro-Home Services has had ups and downs, but I’ve survived the 2008 recession and the pandemic, and we’re working our way through this current economic climate. All signs point to more milestone years in the future!

Has your market changed in twenty years?

I’ve served the Chicago western suburbs for my entire twenty years in business and continue to do so. I specialize in roofing in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Naperville, and other suburbs.  I’ve seen Chicago’s weather change over the last twenty years in line with climate change predictions. Summer days are hotter, which can delay work for the safety of my crews. There also seem to be more storms, which are more violent and cause more damage than ever before. It’s heartbreaking to see severely damaged homes from weather, but it’s satisfying to help a family repair their home exterior so they can feel safe and secure again.

Do you have a favorite project?

Many years ago, we replaced the roof on a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the community of Oak Park. The house had some rounded towers that required different equipment to service, and my team came through replacing a very challenging roof. We also had to meet with the homeowners association on behalf of my customer so he could get the type of shingle he wanted.  It remains one of my favorite memories and proudest achievements.

What’s your secret to success?

Relationships–with both customers and my team. I stay in touch with a monthly email to keep customers informed about specials and trends in home improvement, as well as helpful tips on planning their projects. I rely on my experienced, certified team to help me keep those relationships strong with quality work and excellent customer service.

Call today at 630-790-0800. I look forward to discussing your next project with you!






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