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Replacing Your Roof? Consider Adding These 3 Upgrades


Replacing Your Roof? Consider Adding These 3 Upgrades

All winter long you talked about getting your roof replaced. The shingles are worn out, there are air leaks in your attic, and it’s overall aesthetically displeasing.

Now that summer is here, you want to start your roof replacement project. While it’s a good time for roof repair, it’s also a good time for a roof upgrade. Consider adding these options to your roofing plan.

Low-Maintenance Gutters

Many people don’t necessarily associate their roof with their gutter system, but they tend to go hand in hand. The basic half-round gutters you probably have on your home were great when first installed, but now they only add to the eyesore and hardly do what they’re supposed to. You can have new, low-maintenance gutters installed that will not only add to the overall modern and clean look of your new roof, but they’ll perform better than your old ones. Installing seamless gutters improves the way your roof looks since they’re measured and installed at your house, with no seams or joints. You can even change the color if you want.

Energy Efficient Shingles

In the past, having energy-efficient roofing materials meant white or light-colored shingles. Now you can get sun-reflecting shingles that come in a variety of colors and can keep the sun from beating down on your home. Not only do the shingles reflect the sun’s rays, but they also do a good job at keeping your house cool during the heat. The new house next door might have composite siding (15% of new homes do), but you’ll have a new, energy-efficient roof. Talk to your contractor about what types of shingles they can offer, and they’re recommendations for your roof.

Install a Chimney Cap

If you have a working fireplace in your home, with a chimney that directs the smoke out of your house, then you should have a chimney cap. Firstly, you should have a screen cap. This won’t keep out any water, but it will certainly keep birds and critters from making a home in your chimney, especially during the summer months when you aren’t using the fireplace. You can also install an airtight chimney cap. During the winter when you aren’t using the fireplace, all of the warm air is leaving your home through your chimney, and the damper does little to prevent it. Installing an airtight chimney cap will keep the warm air in your house during colder months. It’s spring activated, so you can open it using a steel cable, and close it the same way.

Of course, all of these upgrades can be beneficial, but you should speak with your roofing contractor before making up your mind on anything. A contractor will be able to give you expert advice and opinion on what they think is best for your roof, especially in which you live.

If your roof is in need of repair, replacement, or upgrade, give us a call today.





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