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Roof Damage and Animals in the Roof


Roof Damage and Animals in the Roof

Big problems and serious roof damage await the homeowner with animals in the roof. These brazen vandals work day and night to make themselves comfortable in the upper part of your home.  Unfortunately, escaping the threat of roof damage from animals is almost impossible.  Animals are an all-season threat to a healthy roof. You must remain vigilant and watch for signs of these prowlers to prevent costly roof damage.

The Usual Suspects (Animals in the Roof) and the Damage they do:

  • Birds:  Although they may be pretty to look at, they carry a lot of baggage. Birds build nests in and around causing the need for gutter cleaning.  They also eat a high acidic diet, causing droppings that can eat away at shingles. If your roof is a favorite hangout for birds, be sure to have regular roof inspections.
  • Bats:  Luckily bats turning into vampires is reserved for movies and books, however, bats are scary enough without the whole blood sucking threat.  Bats can easily squeeze through tight openings on your roof.  Because they are attracted to dark, warm spots, they will attempt to make a home in the attic.  Keeping your roof in good condition will keep bats out of your home.
  • Squirrels:  Are there squirrels on your roof? Cute, furry and entertaining to watch, they will destroy your roof if given the chance, gnawing on the shingles until they break through and make a home in the attic. There, the squirrel can get stuck and die, or live, using your attic as a toilet. Either circumstance will cause a mysterious odor in your walls or ceiling. Fresh, strong shingles will discourage squirrels. Be sure to replace your damaged shingles.
  • Rats and Mice:  In some environments, roof rats are common. These ugly rodents burrow through your roof, chew through insulation, pipes and electrical cords.  Damage to the electrical system could start a fire, disrupt home power, or kill the rat/mouse leading to an unpleasant stench.  Once again, regular inspections are key to keeping the pests out.
  • Racoons:  These are perhaps the ring leader of them all!  Bigger and stronger than their little rodent cousins, these bandits will rip large holes in your shingles, tear open a small opening and set up shop in the attic. Then it’s just a matter of time before you have an attic full of little racoons!


Although it is always a challenge to keep animals off your roof, there are some easy steps you can take to lessen the chance:

  • Observe the wildlife in your backyard. Know your roof’s vulnerable spots. Then address them!
  • Animals often access a roof by climbing on overhanging tree limbs.  Trim the branches to prevent the overhang.
  • Clean your gutters regularly.  If water does not drain properly, birds etc. will see the debris in your gutter as a nice foundation for a nest.
  • Check inside the attic on a regular basis.  Look for nests or droppings which are signs of animals living there.
  • Check the roof for torn or missing shingles.

If you need help with animal removal, call your local animal control. Then, call Pro-Homes Services to take care of the damage they did!  When it comes to animals in the roof, minor damage could lead to a major expense. Call us today at  (630)790-0800.





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