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Roof Replacement Questions Everyone Should Ask

Roof Replacement Questions Everyone Should Ask

Replacing a roof is a big job. As your roof gets older, it starts to lose the ability to protect your home’s interior from the elements, and you never want to wait until it’s too late to begin a roof replacement. When consulting your construction company about what to consider during your roof repair, consider the following questions, and how they can help to save you time and additional roofing problems.

Will you be taking off my old roof? – It may make sense to some people that in order to maximize their indoor protection, their new roof should be installed right on top of the old one. But roofing experts say that the life of your new roof can be cut by up to 20% if it is installed on top of the already existing roof. Ask your contractor about how they’ll be installing your new roof, to ensure you won’t have to do it again much sooner.

Where will you put the debris? – When you’re having your roof replaced, there’s going to be a lot of excess roofing material from your old roof, as well as whatever was lurking underneath the shingles. You should know ahead of time how your contractors intend to dispose of the debris. Usually, these crews bring along a metal receptacle, but depending on where they intend to place it, this could damage your yard or driveway. Ask ahead of time to organize how to keep your roof replacement as orderly as possible.

What is the overall cost? – The roof contracting industry brings in an estimated $46 billion of revenue every year in the U.S., so with such a massive industry, you’re obviously bound to find a roofing contractor that can get the job done right. But you should make sure you know about what the total cost of the project will be, not just the materials. Make sure you get a full picture of the material cost, cost of labor, time estimated, and anything else you’ll need to know for when you can expect your new and improved roof.





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