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Roofing and Siding 101


Roofing and Siding 101

Think you’re an expert on roofing and siding repairs? Would you like to be one? Step into my office.

Roofing and siding upkeep are two of the biggest exterior projects involved in home maintenance. Luckily, neither need to be replaced frequently, but it’s common for damage to go unnoticed or neglected. Roofing and siding cover the biggest portions of your home and shield it from all manner of potential damage, so keeping your focus on its health is important to ensure its long life. Staying mindful of the following installation, care and maintenance tips will help save you headaches down the road!

Roofing experts predict that the life of a new roof replacement will be cut by as much as 20% if it is installed on top of the existing roof. A proper replacement should avoid this practice.

When considering types of siding, consider that vinyl siding is a low maintenance choice for a homeowner because no painting is required. This can save you considerable time and expense over the life of your siding.

Vinyl siding lasts. Most types of vinyl siding boast an average lifespan of forty years, provided they are properly installed and maintained.

Your home value will thank you. Mid-range vinyl siding replacement projects generally produce a whopping 81.6% return on the homeowner’s initial investment.

Examine your budget. Siding composed of a composite is much economical than hardwood siding

Composite siding may be comprised of materials such as fiber cement, or wood pulp mixed with cement. This makeup is fire-proof and combines the performance of masonry, including low maintenance upkeep, with no rot or termites. It is not significantly affected by wind or cold and can be produced in various styles, from painted wood to shingles, stone or brick. In addition, the paint on composite siding can be counted on to last an average of fifteen to twenty years.

If you still don’t feel quite like an expert, you’re in luck because your local siding contractor is. Look for professionalism, ownership and reliability when selecting a roofing and siding contractor. Your roofer and siding professional should treat your home and property as though it were their own, and ensure your satisfaction down to the minute details. Be sure to look for years of experience and great customer reviews too!





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