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Roofing in Chicago: Changing Times and Challenging Seasons

Roofing in Chicago: Changing Times and Challenging Seasons

If you google “roofing in Chicago,” the result would be 543,000 websites and the first dozen or so pages are Chicago area roofing companies.  How do you choose one? Who is most reputable? WHO CAN I TRUST?

The founder of Pro-Homes was selling windows when he began hearing his customers complain of dishonest and incompetent roofers. He opened Pro-Homes in 2003 to offer something better. Since then, Pro-Homes Services has successfully provided quality and trustworthy workmanship to the roofing industry in Chicago.  In order to keep with the trends, roofing at Pro-Homes has evolved since 2003. The materials, cost of installation etc.., safety have changed, even as the Chicago weather remains the same.

In the past 15 years, roofing in Chicago has seen a lot of changes…


  • More sustainable, durable, green, roofing materials are on the market. That means your new roof will most likely outlast your old roof because of the quality of the materials.
  • Roofing materials are more energy efficient, eco-friendly. Saving energy is much more important to consumers these days and the roofing materials reflect this.
  • Quality brands like GAF, Owens Corning, and Malarkey are constantly engaged in research and development to create even better roofing materials for the future. That’s why Pro-Home Services likes to work with them!


  • Unfortunately, with new materials come higher costs, but the pay-off is a more high-performance roof for the consumer.
  • Exterior home improvement continues to be a worthwhile investment, especially for homeowners looking to sell their home. The curb appeal from a new window, door, siding or roof cannot be overestimated!
  • Labor costs have increased, driving up the cost of a new roof, but installers are also better trained through manufacturer’s formal programming.


  • OSHA has enacted tighter safety guidelines regarding the roofing industry and all contractors must be in compliance.
  • Safety features during installation, like harnesses for installers when on the roof, are now better made and more widely used.
  • As society has become more and more litigious, the safety of the homeowner has become a greater concern. For Pro-Home Services, we pride ourselves on keeping the work site and the homeowner’s property safe and sound. Entrances are protected and landscape is covered to prevent damage or injuries.

With all the changes and challenges in the roofing industry, one thing that has not changed is Chicago weather.  Most of us agree that our weather can be miserable.  Our home’s exteriors take a beating all year long.  Although it is important to fix potential problems before a new season hits, our Chicago seasonal weather often arrives late. Or early. Or not at all!

That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and be ready for whatever Chicago shoots our way!


  • Busiest time of year for contractors/suppliers.
  • Heat, rain, hail, wind can cause, and/or delay installation.
  • Busy time for roof leaks and emergency repairs.


  • Ideal weather for roof, siding, or window replacement.
  • Best time to install gutter guards to protect from leaves and other debris.
  • Time to think about landscaping and how it’s affecting your exterior. Trim those tree branches touching the roof and siding!


  • Great time to identify drafts from windows and doors and ice dams from faulty roofs and make future plans.
  • Easiest time to book a contractor as they are less busy. Many offer seasonal specials.
  • As all seasons, unpredictable temperature swings allowing for easy installation.

Although roofing in Chicago has changed over the years,  Pro-Home is still here, and as dedicated as ever to providing the homeowner quality work, lasting durability, and satisfaction.  Give us a call today! (630) 790-0800.





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