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Safety First: Things To Do When a Window Breaks

Safety First: Things To Do When a Window Breaks

Safety First: Things To Do When a Window Breaks

What do you do when disaster strikes? A window can break for a number of reasons. Whether it gets struck with a tree branch, you’re the victim of an intrusion, or a hairline fracture grows across the glass, you need to know what to do in the aftermath. Check out our safety tips when a window breaks.

Clear the Mess

When glass shatters, you must clean up the shards. Put on shoes so you don’t step on any glass, and pick up big pieces while wearing gloves. This will keep you from hurting yourself when handling the glass. There’s nothing worse than cut hands and feet! This is an important thing to do when a window breaks.

Pick up the biggest pieces and put them in a strong, double-layered garbage bag. After picking up the largest pieces, vacuum the smaller shards. There’s likely glass on the windowsill. Put a drop cloth under the window. This will catch any glass when you sweep the sill with your gloved hand.

Secure the Window Opening

You need to hire a window repair service provider to replace the broken window. Cover the hole if they can’t come immediately; do this as quickly as possible to maintain energy efficiency and prevent rodents and other pests from entering your home. Place a double-layer, heavy-duty plastic material over the opening. Trash bags are perfect for this. You can staple it or tape it around the edges of the windowsill temporarily.

Call a Window Repair Pro

Your next step should be to call a professional offering window replacement services. They can do the job quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, they’ll do the job correctly. It might be wise to have them install durable and energy-efficient windows. The service provider can install and size these windows the right way.

We got you covered here at Pro-Home Services. We’ll help you repair and replace broken windows and perform roof and siding repair and replacement services. If you want the full package, shop Pro-Home Services today!





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