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Should You Repair or Replace Your Front Door?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Front Door?
Should You Repair or Replace Your Front Door?

Deciding whether to repair or replace anything is a chore. This is true of your door the same as it’s true of any other project. So how do you spot the difference? Should you repair or replace your front door? We’ll go into the signs for each below.

Level of Damage

The deciding factor for the repair or replacement debate is how much damage the door has accrued overall. How broken is it? A repair is likely an appropriate action if most of the door doesn’t have any damage except in a very localized area. However, certain areas, such as the door frame, require a thorough investigation to see how extensive the damage is and may need a replacement when they sustain damage. If there’s too much damage, a replacement might be in order since the door’s structural integrity is no longer up to par.

Budget Available

In a perfect world, your wallet would not be an issue, and if asked to get a replacement for your door, you’d just get right into it. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Different costs are involved in both courses of action, but generally, full replacement is a bit more expensive. If you want to estimate costs, write out a budget and make an accurate estimation of each. To repair, you need to know all the tools involved. Sometimes, your contractors will require an hourly rate for things like door and roof repair. Ironing out costs ahead of time will help you narrow your decision.

Materials Used

This is a huge factor that will also vary depending on your budget. It’ll affect both repair and replacement costs. The material of the door determines repair costs. Some fillings and other tools work better with some materials rather than others. Repairing a wooden door is relatively simple, but a dent in a steel door is much more costly to fix, if it’s even fixable to begin with. Understanding this is key to knowing whether to repair or replace your front door.

In short, choosing to replace or repair your front door has costs and benefits. Several factors are involved in each decision. Luckily for you, Pro-Home Services is here to help you every step of the way! Contact us today!





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