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Signs of Bad Siding

Siding Installation

Signs of Bad Siding

Signs of a Bad Installation Job

Whether you have a new home or old home, proper siding installation is important to your home’s structure.  Siding is the shell that protects the bones of the home. Even a small crack in it can lead to expensive repairs.

When siding installation is done poorly, homeowners might blame the material used. However, the fault often lies with the contractor who did the installation.  Choosing a reputable contractor like Pro-Home Services for siding installation is the first step to ensure that your siding installation is a job well done.

But how do you know if your existing installation was done correctly?

There are many signs of incorrect siding installation, both before and after siding is damaged, and they are all warnings you shouldn’t ignore.

Even before any damage should occur, a poor siding installation job can be identified by…

  • Rusty Nails-Regardless of the type of siding being installed, installation should be done with galvanized nails that do not rust. If you see rusty nails, the contractor either used the wrong nails or there is moisture damage to your home.
  • The “Ripple Effect”-The appearance of ripples on the siding means the contractor did not check for level or inspect the sheathing before installation.
  • Siding too Tightly Nailed —Siding, especially vinyl siding, needs room to expand. If the siding is nailed too tightly, this could cause cracks or bulges. Leaving proper space between the nail head and the siding will allow for the material to expand and contract.

After damage, look for..

  • Water Stains or Leaks-An insufficient waterproof barrier during siding installation can lead to trapped moisture and a huge expense. A waterproof barrier protects your house should any water penetrate the siding. If there are signs of water damage or increased moisture, the contractor may have skipped this step, or used an inferior barrier. Not only can this mistake cause considerable cleanup costs, but it can also lead to health issues if mold or mildew forms. 
  • Increased Utility Bills- During the siding installation, the contractor uses insulation behind the boards. This will keep your home at a constant temperature by keeping the hot or cold air out. If you notice an increase in your utility bills, it is possible the contractor did not use enough insulation, or the correct kind.

Proper siding installation is critical in the health and lifespan of your home, but finding the right contractor for siding installation can be hard if you don’t know where to start. Pro-Homes wants to ensure you have the right information to make a decision  and you are comfortable in the company you choose. Do your homework and then give Pro-Home Services a call. Our professionals take siding installation seriously and will ensure a smooth process. Visit our website or give us a call today at (630)790-0800.





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