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SOLAR ROOFING: Your Top 5 Questions Answered


SOLAR ROOFING: Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Even though solar roofing seems more suited for homes where the sun shines continuously throughout the year, solar roofing is still alive and well and available in Chicago. These days, solar panels and solar tiles are popping up not only in commercial buildings but also residential housing. Solar roofing is a unique and increasingly popular renewable energy solution. Not only does it boost the value of your home, but it also reduces energy costs.

Pro-Home Services is excited to offer solar roofing options to our customers.  When considering options, homeowners normally have a number of questions, and rightfully so, since solar roofing is a relatively new technology, particularly in our service area. Below are five of the most common questions we hear asked about solar roofing that can get you started in considering this energy-saving improvement.

  1. How does solar roofing work?

Solar roofing harnesses the endless energy of the sun and converts it into useful, clean energy to heat and cool our homes, charge our phones, power our appliances, etc. In short, once the sunlight(photons) hit the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof, the panels convert the photons into DC current, which is converted into useable AC by an inverter. Ideally, solar panels could offset your entire electricity bill, but it could also simply reduce it. Best of all, studies show that even through a light blanket of snow, solar panels can still perform, and melting snow just cleans off the panels, like a windshield, making them more effective than ever. And that’s good news for those of us in the Midwest!

  1. Will solar roofing really help me save money?

There are many benefits to switching to solar power in Illinois, and this includes the money-saving advantages.  The state of Illinois has enacted the net metering law, the federal tax credit, and the adjustable block program.   All these incentives are designed to give money back to the homeowner. How much? Typically the cost of solar energy is $0.06 kWh compared to about about $0.28 kWh, so even if you need to finance your solar option, you will be reducing your energy bill as you do it.

  1. When is the best time to install solar roofing?

Honestly, when you replace or repair your roof is a great time to do it.  The roof is the foundation that bears the weight of the solar panels.  If one of the seven components (underlay, decking, insulation, etc.) of your roof is damaged, the entire structure can weaken.  Imagine if you install solar panels and down the road you find roof damage…you will have to remove the solar panels to address the issue. Needless to say, have your roof inspected thoroughly before considering solar roofing.

  1. Is my roof a good candidate for solar panels?

While most roof types are compatible with solar panels, modern day roofs are not built with solar panels in mind. The factors you want to consider whether installing or repairing a roof, prior to solar panel installation, are:

  • Installation on top of asphalt shingles is ideal.
  • A 30 degree tilt is best.
  • Shape and size of roof. Panels are best installed on a large, square roof.
  • Amount of shade. Try to install the panels in the place of most direct sunlight.
  • Solar panels are most effective when facing true South.
  1. How do I start a solar roofing project?

Let us know you are interested! Pro-Homes partners with reputable solar roofing companies who can provide an estimate for your needs. Working together, we can replace your roof with money-saving, environmentally friendly solar panels, along with new roofing materials that carry Pro-Home’s professional installation and workmanship guarantee.

With a well designed solar roofing system, you are looking at up to 25 years of low-cost energy usage.  Whether you are looking to offset your carbon footprint, or you just want to save money over time, our Pros can answer all your solar roofing questions and provide estimates through our partners in solar roofing. Spring has sprung, so what better time to look into solar roofing! Call us today (630)790-0800.





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