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Some of the Hottest Home Trends Set to Take over in 2017


Some of the Hottest Home Trends Set to Take over in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look at what some of the hottest home remodeling service trends are looking like for 2017. Over the last year, there’s been an emphasis on smart technology for homes, as well as more eco-friendly amenities and minimalist designs. While 2017 is set to move in a new direction, that doesn’t mean 2016 home design trends will be completely left behind.

Here’s a quick peek at how 2017 design trends are shaping up, according to our home remodeling experts.

The Garden Roof
If you’re in love with the idea of having a lush, green space to enjoy, but don’t have much of a backyard, the roof garden is going to be your new favorite remodeling trend. While roofing services may not cover plant installation, if you have a lounge space on your roof, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful, landscaped space in your home without sacrificing indoor space. The roof contracting industry generates approximately $46 billion annually, and the new obsession with green roofs will certainly bring in some extra roofing revenue. This remodeling project is all about thinking outside of the box, except in this case the box is your home’s walls!

Daylight Harvesting
In another eco-friendly move, daylight harvesting is becoming more and more popular. This remodeling project usually involves a combination of new window installation and modern shades. The idea is to harvest the daylight for either energy purposes or heat purposes. In order to accomplish this effectively, you’ll need large, open windows on the east and west walls of your home to ensure you’re able to capture significant amounts of daylight. If you’re looking to replace those old wood windows, this is an excellent opportunity.

Custom Windows
If you’re interested in daylight harvesting, but want to make your windows work for you, custom windows are making waves for 2017. Homes built in 2017 are predicted to rely on more unusual trends, which means custom window designs are going to be on the rise. Why not take advantage of daylight harvesting in a way that is both efficient and complements your home?

Looking for ways to use remodeling services might be challenging, but taking the 2017 trends into account is bound to give you some bright ideas when thinking about updating your home.





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